typhoid splice arrange crow node all please.
brie wet zoo very entity
oh i set so bad.
depressed, no, something else though. it doesn't feel good.
like i became addicted to making myself feel good, till the point where it made me sick to my stomach.
i got a headache.
i went home.
whirligirl subject matter that sticks around:

gender stuff
truth and knowledge
society spin out or spin in

the new one is imagination, although that might still go under truth and knowledge!
dirty old grendel the other morning, in the break-room...she offered me a freshly cut slice of peach.

it is the sweetness of the small things she does that amaze me, knowing that i've told her some of my darker secrets.

i'm sure it's an innocent gesture on her part, altruistic.

but the freudian implications of it leaves my mind reeling

and the peach was nearly as sweet
lotusflower tongue. 000618
josie how come everytime i tell a person my name at a rave they say it back as "Juicy" ? 000620
Brad take into consideration the type of person you are likely to meet at a rave :) 000620
lokkust "Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye"


We'll remember you forever Eddie...
Mlle Avril Juicy is a word I love. Its sound is so fittin' its meaning... like spicy, salty, luscious, pert, spiky, and languid. 001223
belle de jour With over 90 billion people who have lived and died it’s nearly impossible to have an original thought. The reason we're so entranced by ancient cave paintings is because it's like seeing ideas when they were still fresh and unwithered. But even those are hand me downs. How I envy the first people with an endless banquet of crisp concepts laid out before them. Like fruit so ripe they split their skins, drippings nectar, just begging to be plucked and devoured with juice all dripping down your chin. 040902
Kelsey Juicy like a Southern peach, your smile gets me every time. 080812
. This word, written across a female's ass, is realistically advertising one thing and one thing only.

And if you're going to advertise that, you can't expect I'm going to see it and think anything other.

So is it really appropriate to let your 13 14 15 year old go roam the mall wearing those shorts?

Y'know, just asking.
what's it to you?
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