Shinji16 To anticipate, to see coming, or to fear 011021
User24 if you are expected to suceed, no-one will congratulate you when you do.

Congratulations are a sign of surprise, If no-one is surprised when you suceed, be flattered.
girl_jane I don't think I expect too much from him.
Gracious-he's my father.
Shouldn't he at least
follow through
with his
I suppose that'd be
too much
to expect from
kay-tie i sit in here in vain expecting him to call me up and tell me he made a huge mistake and im the one he's meant to be with. time for me to wake up.... it's time to move on 040405
freeasharold Am I expecting too much

when I tell him the truth

when I ask for priorities
no reason i'm trying not to expect anything that i probably won't get
it's not a great feeling but i guess it's better than disappointment
no reason i don't expect anything anymore 100426
Risen There is nothing else that I can expect.

It isn't about me, it never is. It's about guilt and shame and regret that she didn't have more fun while she was playing hooky from her real life.

I am broken as hell, sure. But my being broken this far is not the result of a woman. I am not that fragile. I refuse to be treated as though I am. Someone with zero idea what's been going on in my life doesn't get to say what's broken me.

And they certainly don't get to try to assuage their faux guilt for a faux crime by returning to exactly the same pattern and expecting... I don't even know what.

"I know I was really withdrawn, and you never knew when I was going to be available, and I controlled every single moment we conversed... but here.."

Reminding me of exactly how it felt to wait around for someone, to refresh a page, to try to figure out if it's what I said, or just that there's something more important to do, like literally everything else.

I can't believe I used to consider this torture. But then, I was a novice at torture, really.

Now I know real suffering, I don't need to add this to it.
Notunknown Point listened to, understood, and taken.

And I'm gone.
what's it to you?
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