Q Your kindly question was about
shame the devil
tell the truth, shame the devil
or, for that matter,
tell the truth

Language is not logical.
It is language.
I think Chomsky chopped that out, didn't he?

Tell the truth, shame the devil
has a distinctly different meaning from that of
shame the devil

Quod erat demonstrandum
unhinged what i feel every day when i wake up here...trapped...not who they want me to be..."you can't eat that have to wait for should have thought of that before you woke up at 3pm" i really don't think of anyone but myself. and how far away i can get from your shame by moving as far as a car will take me never to pain is a lie...everything is pain...every look you ever gave me was pain...but you didn't mean it to be like's all better...not even god wipes away the shame. i forgot to wear long sleeves today. it's a good thing she still believes me. 001216
Chrity go to:
the devil i have none 010408
sound very good 4 you then 010630
bloody potato chip giant_spiders_of_shame 010630
Casey I don't feel shame, whatever I do, I do it stupidly, but with pride. 010630
black-dyed gel product throwing out a perfectly good sandwich is shameful. finish it dammit! 010630
chaos if shame had a face i think it would kinda look like mine. if it had a home it would be in my eyes. 010716
chaos if shame had a face i think it would kinda look like mine. if it had a home it would be in my eyes. 010716
soul what we learned here is love tastes bitter when it's gone
past yourself forget the light, things look dirty when
it's on
funny how it comes to pass, that all the good slips away
and there's no one around you can remember being good to
we never thought we'd get so troubled
we could never think that much
it should never get this bad

so let the wind blow ya, across a big floor
but there's no one around who can tell us what we're here
funny in a certain light, how we all look the same
and there's no one in life you can remember ever stood,
for you, so..shame.
yoyology I sometimes remember things I've done in the past, little stupid things that were more embarrassing than wrong, but I still cringe and feel an almost physical pain at what a complete dork I was. 030320
quinn and her face burning deeply
as he looked into her eyes
ripping her heart out with every word
and her final confession
brought no relief
and he turned away
in steely silence
scorpion heart shame is my name,
bad thoughts came,
i take the blame,
cause i am lame,
& my name is shame.
Lila Pause You can keep your weapons of mass destruction and your nerve gas.
- I've got my 360 degree mirrors.
laced blurting put you love the woman. the awkward silence. running from the room like a child. thank god i never did those things. but i think, i still don't know how to love. 040704
andru235 cometh before a rise! 050310
anne-girl don't_hurt_me
flash of embarrassment, want to lie in a hole and hide from the world
didn't mean to tread on anyone's toes
(_) shame, old friend!
you came to haunt me,
never end. i am a
nearly willing claim
as the one who will not mend.

so let us dance
[kids jeer "lame, lame"],
and pretnd that i am not
to blame; send in her name my wishes
that i should bend nnd change, so everything is not the same .
(_) **and 060316
pete i don't feel that ashamed of myself. i just have this nagging feeling of shame behind the drunken stupor of a few nights ago. my siblings have already bugged me about it, which is good. they're the ones that need to. but i think, as always, whenever this happens i feel worse than people make me feel. i just kind of feel like rolling up into a ball and hiding 'til the memories pass. that's just the way i get after being really hungover. istill have most memories. probably ruined some connections. probably just need to hold myself better in the future. i'm not ashamed, but there is definitely shame. i wish i could talk to her, and i probably could, but its not my turn to call. soon, young grasshopper, soon you'll take your head out of your ass and start living like a real human being.

krupt shame was given to us as a punishment, what good does it do? for it is true that all life's problems can be attributed to shame. if not for shame we would all be estaticaly naked in the garden of Eaden with no money problems and no reason to be in this never ending rat race and trying to keep up with the jones'. there would be no war and also no "krupt-ion". 070614
Nomad you punished yourself though !

now you have to fly a plane as a punishment !

wot you gunna do with your compass set ?
Saara shame shame
double shame
now I know your real name.
Soma touching each others bodies
it's still all around us
I tell you no
but you urge me until
I don't say a thing
How can something so good
feel so wrong
you ask
Oh_So_Smelly I hid away
When Shame came to town looking
Took my panicked tears where they wouldn't be judged
And kind arms soothed me
Night into Day
Risen "This Is How It Goes" - Aimee Mann

This is how it goes
You'll get angry at yourself
And think you can think of something else
And I'll hear the clanging of the bells
'Cause I can't stop you baby...

'Cause I don't have a bribery in place
No bright shiny surface to my face
So I won't go near the market place
With what I'm selling lately
'Cause this is how it goes

'Cause it's all about drugs
It's all about shame
And whatever they want
Don't tell 'em your name

This is how it goes:
One more failure to connect
With so many how could I object?
And you, what on earth did you expect?
Well, I can't tell you, baby
When this is how it goes

'Cause it's all about drugs
It's all about shame
And whatever they want
Don't tell 'em your name

So I'll try to hold on
While you try to let go
You won't tell me it's gone
But, baby, I'll know
Baby, I'll know
Baby, I'll know
Notunknown I pressed refresh at least 200 times this morning, on your blather page.

That's my shame.
Raina trying to shake it off 170603
unhinged things_i_dont_talk_about 170603
unhinged my_depression_is_a_hole_in_the_ground

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