burden It burns.

Friction, baby!
kss milk protein isolates, caseinate, glutamine, whey protein concentrate, egg white, maltodextrin, cocoa powder, alkali, vitamin A (90%), vitamin D (60%), riboflavin (60%), iodine, copper, manganese, pantothenic acid, selenium, soymilk.

staelth goada what's_for_dinner 021109
what happened next I say tea 031023
andru235 "andru235, let's eat!"
someone calls me on the street
in the strangers house i go
mmm...it smells like leptons, yo'

then they bring out the main course
first a chicken, then a horse
i begin singing like a lark
"i thought tonight we'd dine on quarks"

someone pulls me from my chair
then some mean-pants pulls my hair
i say, "that's not very nice"
as someone kicks my foot hard, twice

i leave there, rather in a huff
as hexafluoride joints i puff
how rude, to send slow neutrons at
the guest with whom you will not chat
Pube Muppet Hello old chap. I like eating dinner because it relieves my hunger and then I'm no longer hungry and when I'm no longer hungry, I get a big boner and then I play with it and when I get bored, my homosexual 11 year old sex slave boy takes over. He strokes and strokes and strokes and strokes on my huge erection. Did I mention my erection is green? I love it when my 11 year old sex slave strokes and strokes and strokes on my huge erection because it is quite pleasurable. 051217
Ouroboros We had just gotten our overpriced plates of swanky LA-french cuisine, when my ex-stepmother says,

"Did I ever tell you that I think I tried ecstacy back in high school?"

I reply, no she hadn't, and she goes on to tell me how she and her boyfriend were living at her parent's 1960's Beverly Hills home, while her parents were vacationing on some island. And how she took the pill of MDMA that he gave her, and how she started hallicinating while trying to serve him dinner. And how she then lost her virginity to him in her parents bed ("Isn't that strange?" she says).

I'm absorbing all this new information, when the waiter comes to check on us, "How is everything?", and I just start laughing and laughing
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