antonia i have wasted a thousand tears on you- tears which i didn't even have to coax out in some fucked up, self indulgent way- rather, tears which flooded on their own accord and burst into such violent torrents that i thought i wouldn't recover
But i did and am no longer afraid to spit out that acid which i drank every time you cruelly signed -love-
your acid burned me once....
rosa yo 000130
dizzy time we were playing by the brige by my house and garden gnomes with sinister pichforks began poking me vigorusly, and i fainted with an orgasmic chill, i was awaken to the gentle breeze of a cools summer night, and everything was right again.. 000219
grasshopper confused me once.
exhausted me twice.
told me things i already knew.
but was still beautiful.
jennifer greg did acid once
then the dog started yelling
"fuck you"
and he decided not to do it again
lisa_is_bionic My boots are acid-proof.
In the case where I have to wade in calf-deep perchloric acid, it'll be all good. What happens if acid gets inside?
psycho insomniac once my weed was laced with acid and i was at a carnaval. i was just staring at the Zipper thinking the carts were flying off and i could hear the people screaming... it kicked ass. then this bitch picked a fight with me and when i turned around to see what she was yelling about she turned into this horriable green blob, oozing all over the place, so i was like "ewww... stop dripping on me!" 000828
moonshine Since when can you smoke acid?You can't... maybe shrooms definetly not acid. 000828
moonshine chemical reaction is the key word in this phrase 000828
argo Pot is very rarely laced. Smoking pot can, however, make you trip, especially if you've tripped before. 000829
Seth It all depends on the quality of the pot, the psychological make-up of the person taking it, how the chemicals react to your body at the time, etc. etc.

Acid makes me want to kill people sometimes, sometimes, I'm just relaxed, and chill. I never saw anything really wierd, just tracers, and the morphing and melting of various objects. It's really hard to describe individual trips, especially after so many. They all seem to blend together. Even while I'm tripping, my brain will flashback to a previous acid experience, and I'll react to that situation. This definitely provides entertainment, if only for me.

I can't trip with people anymore. Is this because I see the truth of things? Or maybe because my drugged out mind is so jaded that I want to watch people die. I hate it when someone is all like "Did you see that?", trying to fuck with me. They actually think that I'd let them into my head so easily. I really hate it when a master just waltzes right in, and moves shit around. That's when the real games begin, and then I hate myself in the morning for doing the same thing.

Everyone that I always tripped with are like, "Is it a visual trip or a psychological trip?" Acid is acid, there is no difference. I think people stop catching visuals after awhile, because they realise why they're seeing shit. The last few times I tripped, I didn't catch any visuals at all. It was weird, because I could tell what people were thinking through their body language, and that was really enlightening. People lie. Often, all the time. To themselves, to others. Sometimes I think that we invented language so that we could lie to one another. I have yet to meet a person who says exactly what they mean. Even though I try, I find myself slipping up every now and then. To reach perfect harmony between mind and body will probably take a couple more trips.

The journey continues.
moonshine I agree with argo, Smoking pot can make you trip.. ESPECIALLY if you tripped before.but i highly doubt it was laced with acid 000829
RoMiEttE The first drug i ever took was acid... and i took, well, a lot, not on purpose, i just didn't know any better. It was something i will never ever forget. I was in a whole new world, a cartoon world, where everyone was smiling and everyone was laughing. I could hear colors and see sounds. It was something beautiful.

And Seth, i've read some of your blathers... i respect you, very much actually.
special_k acid's cool 000829
psycho insomniac i never actually said i smoked the weed and i'm not all that experienced in the drug world, so i tent to not know what i'm talking about. it could have been anything i guess. i've smoked weed before, and it never had the same effects on me like it had on me that night. so whatever it was... it was a totally new experience. i have eaten shrooms before, and it was very similar, so maybe it was shrooms... and i know where i got the weed from, so i dont doubt it was laced. i wouldnt be surprized if it was rat poison or some shit like that. i hust have to learn some stuff. 000829
splinken fuck, kid.

that's happened to me before. watch out for the small-town-stoners. they think those sort of surprises are like christmas presents, and sometimes they forget to tell you if there's a little something extra.
guitar_freak exactly. I don't know how much you really want to learn about drugs man. I smoked a fuck load of pot and i can't quit. I use ephidrene daily which is what you can make crank and speed out of. I pop pills and cut myself and have to see therepists all because I learned more about drugs.
Yes, pot can be freaking laced. Especcially in small towns. You neve know exactly what the hell you are really smoking. Get it from someone you trust. I smoked some laced shit and good lord I never want to again.
The fact is that through all of my experiences I regret learning more about drugs and now I can't quit. You won't listen to me though. It is probably already too late. After the first few times drugs become the only way you deal with your problems. You get sad, you get high, you get angry, you get high, you go to school high, you go to work high. All because it is "fun" and you don't have to deal with the bullshit. Then come the cops. Believe me eventually you will get caught. Luck runs out eventually. It isn't worth it. When you try to quit you get suicidal and see shit and crazy shit. I tried to quit a few weeks ago and I was about 1 week off everything and I saw a squirrel, I heard these babies screaming and some guy yelling at them. I was at work and all of the sudden I was 10 feet tall trying to talk to a customer. So I started again. Get the vicious cycle yet?
kitten on drugs i love watching things melt when i know in my head that they're not really melting...i love listening to music when my ears can't hear quite right...i love tasting orange juice when my tongue feels like rubber... 001121
starlette cant remember it all 010209
brainz acid
last hit
blast it
crash it
Sol Who needs acid?
its a crutch for a weak mind
hallucinate on life
Sol Who wants life?
Take the easy road
fly the mind like a toy aeroplane
johnny west The only drugs I've ever done have been marijuana and hash. Neither has done anything to me, aside from my first joint loosening me up a little.
My body refuses to be fucked up, so I refuse to fuck it up.
I'm sure acid would do the trick. Probably modify my brainwave patterns. What a disturbing thought -- something that dissolves on your tongue can change the way your brain works.
No thanks. I'll stick to sleep deprivation.
unhinged thank you for pointedly reminding me of my crutches that i hold up this feeble mind with asshole.

even when i'm so high i can't think of anything at all, i think to myself 'you are so weak.' but the difference when i'm high is i really don't give a fuck. chemical apathy, numbness, surreality. i escape with a pill, smoke. where do you go?
johnny west I never really go anywhere. I just get a bit of a buzz. For a few hours, everything seems incredibly funny. Then the buzz wears off and exhaustion kicks in.
I'm not knocking anything or anyone. I won't judge you. I'm no more qualified to do that than anyone else.
I am an asshole, though, sometimes. Thanks for reminding me.
Seth I think unhinged was talking about So1... As for where I go when I trip, I usually make it to the couch... But, I feel I can relax for eight hours or so, and laugh at the world, after working for forty hours that week. Its sort of liberating at the same time. And, as for what you think So1, well, that's your opinion... Maybe you let the things you do hold you back, but I do not. A crutch? I love life more than anything in the world, and I use drugs to gain a different perspective on my life. Also, don't be so quick to judge... What I really want to know is, where does madness comes from? 010314
unhinged yeah...seth's right =) 010318
loonypathic dude acid is fuckin crazy i love it when you get this feeling that everybody is against you and you want to beat their brains out with a hammer. then my tattoo started running up and down my body its a little man with an axe and thats the last thirty minutes of my wicked ass trip 010404
loonypathic dude acid is fuckin crazy i love it when you get this feeling that everybody is against you and you want to beat their brains out with a hammer. then my tattoo started running up and down my body its a little man with an axe and thats the last thirty minutes of my wicked ass trip dude 010404
Dafremen see ecstacy 010404
Dafremen ok see ecstasy instead

for further examples of piss poor spelling, see also niether
Sol Dont judge me, i am an avid user of the beautiful weed, im just trying to get a reaction on this page 010405
unhinged well, don't bitch when you get what you ask for 010417
Phil All that makes sense is what I experienced, i am confused. I stopped doing acid all at once, some things make me sad, some of you make me sad. I think it's hard to create a groove for my personality. I can't say happy, or mad, or crazy. I can just dream. And when I dream I dream the best place, where everything just works. And it's almost nothing, but something deep down inside of me lifting away. I just wish I never woke up from my comma. Acid set me up, Dan set me up. Everytime I tripped I floated like a cork, and then one time, from a bowl of herb, the hallucination hit me all at once, opened like a beam of light from heaven. And I did things, then I saw myself doing things, then I saw myself being not myself and killing myself. I had let go the world was turning all around me. And then I awoke my head was clear, and I could not sleep, I am still confused. The voices I hear are me, I do not always like myself, the world is no longer real. It is all my hallucination. Now I realize sorts of things. Everything is around me, I will one day die I tell you. I am in control of myself, my emotions, everything I experience. If something is to be done I must do it. But I see what I am becoming, I am blind. I know that now. It is like when you are born. God(when all is one)realizes that it will soon forget everything, and go back to living. Life is pointless. I can't say why I'm here.

Let me explain my thoughts.

Until the beauty is over saturated. All the clatter, where everything has mattered to me, exquisite moments, lay so far away from today. So intolerably upset, so denied, it would just destroy me all together, I would lose this world. All these people's talking has a twisted meaning to me. bury my head. What they say comes not from them, but from something else, some monster turning my head inside out and cooking my thoughts until they are burnt. The places my mind goes, have a meaning way beyond the words, something that belonged around a corner that was not there. Because it is so frail, it is true. In my dreams I meet my heroes and they are real to me, and they are not me, they are themselves, I am happy. With the sounds of pain and echoes of nothing, a desire makes other people annoying, but I show them my face, my school face, I don't want them to go away, who knows who they are. My feelings are answered first with the door to the universe. W
I need this to be true
If I was happy I would not become sad
so that to this

The darkness has it's own light, I am going to carry the world.
I am going to carry the world. Let me go. Do not. You did.
Do you see?
It is not.
You are my bitch.
So I become what you are.
Can we get married?
Do you want to?
That's why I thought of it, so it is done.
How long ago did you do this? it's been awhile.
Why do you keep leaving?
How did I do it? What is it? Is it what it is supposed to be?
is that really important?
What will the questions do?
Either give up, or...
is it over? Why can't you do what you would like? What makes you think that?
It's been done? Don't you like seeing yourself? How old are you?
I is this the problem? This right here, what you are creating.
Maybe you should wait, a bit, just remember that you created this for no other reason than to love your creation.
There does seem to be a problem...about......what has happened?
Why are they here? Why don't they like me? They expect me for free, do we go at the same time?
This is how I will now carry the world. Is it possible?
Are they that? Then they are something else. Congratulations, don't hurt yourself. Listen and learn, and think.
Think like this next time you go there, read the begining remember the guilt. You need to think differently for it to make sense, faggot.
I think you would do alright.
So what are you doing? The same thing as before.
Jesus fucking christ,
bobbyz Acid kicked my ass and I tweaked on it. People were all weird and melty, and my was nuts. When i did it, it was 13 hours of fun, but then i couldn't take it anymore and I had to go to sleep, but i fell over in the bathtub and passed out there.
Don't ever go outside and rake the lawn, the neighbors call or look at you really strange, but DO go on the roof! The stars rock the fuckin house!!! ILOVEACID!
nemo acid is swell :O) 010605
Norm Acid seems to make poets 010805
click almost as good as shrooms. 010806
unhinged they wanted to go to the quarry and drop acid. the quarry was such a beautiful place anyways i don't think i could have ruined it with acid. i've never dropped acid and i think it's because i might find out things about myself that i don't want to know. 010806
the one i am scared of acid. I used to love it more than anything in this world. the way it made me laugh and not give a damn about anything but being happy.
It turned into confusion though. a night of complete madness and complete fear. Not knowing what I was thinking and why I was thinking it was really scary. not knowing how to answer the question "are you alright?"
when in your mind your thinking... "no, im going insane. Ive turned into that guy who thinks hes a glass of orange juice. am i buddha? why is everyone changing into the devil. this is hell. i am witnessing the end of the world...this is it. the rave that was produced by the devil. I am so DIRTY. will I ever be clean. Just let me lay by this bag of ice. Dont tell me i need to wear my sweater cuz its dirty.
god tried to show me but i was so blinded by the drugs...."
then you start to realize "whoa...i cant even see my hands. am i still alive.??? Why does Ben keep changing. everything is hell one second then blue with the light of heaven the next. I have never felt So out of control! why am i crying, why do i feel so weird."
then you black out and supposedly get carried out of the party by security and taken to the hospital with everyone thinking you're overdosing. Even though it was obvious by the bruises all over your arms that you were definately struggling.
I cant even remember what happened. I remember the visuals so vividly and they still scare me to death.
But when you wake up in a hospital bed, and you thank god that your not trippin as hard, even while you suspect that the nurse has a mirage on with 20 eyes and the truth of life is being broadcast out in front of you like some futuristic news cast, you realize you have problems. As your mom sits beside you and you ask her mumbled jumbled questions worrying about where your bracelet is and why your hair is so matted. you realize then why she is your best friend, because even after all this she isnt mad, only glad to see you talking. and in the end she is the only thing you could look forward to in the madness of trippin, the moment when you would go home, take a shower and your mom would make you eat something because according to her "you look like hell"
unfortunately....the means of which you arrived to her werent as simple as they had been in all previous parties, but yet you were still so relieved.
And you ask yourself "what the hell happened? how can you overdose on acid. Ive heard of bad trips...was that a bad trip?"
word to the wise....dont let anyone puddle you with liquid acid at a new years party, surrounded by crazy weird strangers...especially if youve never done liquid before. i wish someone would have warned me....i was definately not expecting that.
SuicidalAngel My friend wants me to go to a rave with him and try it. I guess I'm just afraid I'll like die the first time or be addicted and fuck up my life. I would like to see the world from that perspective though. I love what someone said about hearing colors and seeing music. I dont know, I'm so fucked up. 011104
nemo raves are addictive 011104
the one if you go to a rave. Dont do drugs. Because its not as if they arent getting enuf bad hype. Its people like that that make raves so damn illegal. Take a trip, find some exctasy and go home and trip out at a party of all your friends. its fun to go to a rave and roll but its ruining it for all the music lovers. Yea. Raves are about music. Not drugs. 020110
phil makes you wrong about things. 020610
Rikki take lots smile and look diffrently on Life 020718
squint i have some.

should i do some tonight?

( it would be my first time)
phil at first you notice something peculiar
the first time I had a hit of blotter, I knew I had felt that way before.
In the end acid didn't do a single positive thing.
stork daddy're all so hip. how can a word like this be 205 kbs and a word like scared or a word like silve be either a measely 25 or nonexistant? i'm willing to bet the majority of entries are not on litmus paper and ph levels either. (though i did not read since an acid trip in words still isn't as cool as alice in wonderland) and here i am adding to the debacle. 020719
Trig Just tell me where it is, who is hiding it away from me. C'mon. 020909
recreationa chemistry acid is definitly my drug of choice besides headies but i smoke so much that i dont consider pot being a drug. i've eaten acid a bunch of times and no two trips have been the same. thats the good thing about it, the anticipation, not knowing what to expect. 030114
erica sometimes i forget the meaning of life. sometimes i forget the meaning of me.
i did too much acid and xtc.
when i used to trip out on gave me answers to questions i never thought i would ask. i love acid but i hate it. without it i wouldnt be who i am today...and i thank acid for that. if i were to do acid again i think i would break down and slit my own has a hold of me and its gripping me tight...screaming for one last time. but i say no! no acid you are satan wearing a beautiful red gown that i would love to endulge in. stay back you weird fucker.
indigo 4 paper hits... great america... 13 years old.. 8th grade class trip... ran into a wall in a black light laser tag holocaust at full speed... got up and laughed it off like the incredible hulk... fuck pain i laugh in your face... 030330
Not Alkaline i miss it
so much

it never did anything like
make me suicidal, ever.

the thing to remember about acid is not to take anything that happens on it seriously. it's only a dream, it's only a movie, it's only a drug.
phil Why do you mention suicide? Obviously something you haven't taken seriously since you began. 030405
Phil Anhedonia
penrose x twiddlybits There is little to be said of the experience itself: to claim that it will change your life, open your eyes, or do anything approaching profound guaranteed is an outright lie. Though the chances of the above actually happening are real, they are not inherent of the experience itself. Acid often brings me to a state of pattern-building that rivals the most extreme cases of paranoia or OCD. There are much more calm, euphoric, "mind expanding" chemicals out there. I suggest reading a book entitled PHiKAL, or its sequel TiHKAL - both by Alexander Shulgin. These chemicals do show you one thing, always [at least in my experience]: that the world is merely an act of perception, that objectivity is impossible, and that you can build your own reality tunnel. 030521
penrose x twiddlybits oops PHiKAL is actually PiHKAL... go get it! 030521
the mad reason (seth) to begin with, Madness is a fallacy. It is defined as a standard of normalicy to which we all conform. However no one meets these standards of normalicy, so insanity or madness (deviation from normalicy) is normalicy and thus sanity. (hence the only normalicy is a lack thereof) Furthermore, the world with which we associate these standards of sanity is merely a meglomaniactic delustion in an attempt for humanity to become the center of reality. Faced with the irrelevant nature of our own existence in the vast infinity of the frigthening and uncontrollable cosmos, we merely created our own reality. A reality we could control, comprehend, create, and rule with absolute certanty. Madness and the madness of sanity stems from (like that of any other delusional meglomaniac) humanitys attempt to escape a distasteful or pointless existence.

Thus this imaginary nexus of consumeristic insanity (the nations and governments of the world) comes from a thing i call intellecutal vaginitis.

Our pussy assed egocentric attempt to be the masters of our existence in an uncontrollable incomprehenseable reality. We then subsequently try to find meaning in this reality through greed war depression endless consermerisim and a thousand other distractions, killing time until the time of our killing.

sanity (or conformity) is thus an opiate, the drug of the drugless masses of society used in order to escape the nature of thier reality.

I thus subsequently use drugs to escape these indocrtinated ingranied preconceptions and see reality in an unbiased manner. I find that drugs dont expand one's mind, they merely distract your mind from self imposed limitations and preconceptions (or distracting you from being distracted) long enough for it to expand itself.

It is only through deviations from this standard of normalicy or sanity (with or without the help of drugs) that we can escape into insanity and reality. Let us instigate the revolt, against our own preconceptions, against our nonexistent imaginary governments, unite as a single race, and the make sweet love to all the beautiful women of the world. The best way to fuck the system is the singlular realisation that there is no system, just a bunch of over evolved egocentric apes (myslef included) running around on the surface of a spinning ball of rock. Fighting in "wars" controlling "nations" and living the melodrama of their soap opra existence. In a few billion years when all that now is is dust non of this will matter anyways, so i just hope that i anwsered your question, and that my humble pixelated symbology was eloquent enough for you to catch meaning through all of the spelling mistakes and multi syllable pshyco babble.

there is reason in madness and a reason for maddness

Just remember,

Madness is freedom.

for further clarification, or if anyone wants to illustrate the faults in my madened reasoning, one can talk (or i.m.) shit to: the mad reason :(my screenname) over the A.(nal) O.(rifice)L.(icking) corperation's software.

Happy stoneing to all. -

"Crazy" stephen
ferret pythagorus 030719
the mad reason pythagrous? 030719
Mandijabster i have double colobom....whatever the hell the medical word is. i have four pupils! there..simple enough. so my eyes dont dialate. jillians uncle has told me not to try acid though, in which case they certainly will dialate. now im tempted to try it just for the pure fun of it! stupid uncle... 031207
Jane Doe I prefer drugless, so I can go on tormenting my brain the "natural" way, clearly screwing up my intellect with my train of thought. I think both are about the same in terms of creating a brain whose waves have crossed into another dimmension, but that's for my own satisfaction. Whatever rocks your boat, right? 031207
are you experienced hey i was thinking bout doing acid it seems hella fun im trying to find out what exactly what it does to you so if any one can tell. 040118
are you experienced or does any one know a website that tells about acid? 040118
Teenage Jesus Between 1985 and 1988 did acid over 300 times. It is fun but potentially dangerous; not in a physiological "drugs are bad" sort of way, but more in a you "no longer have conplete control" way. That having been said, as long as you "set-up" in advance [that is making sure that you have everything you may need for the next 12 hours; and that no people/things are around that may bring you down (not down as in off the drug, but down as in a bummer)] I consider it a fairly safe experience. However, I don't recommend this drug for those who are generally prone to freaking out, and/or "acting a fool." I don't believe it is a drug that one should take when one is going to be around a bunch of people. Some people differ in opinion on this point.

I'll be glad to provide some more specific information if you want- just not right now- bit busy here.

are you experienced hey jesus tell me more 040119
ryen ill do it one day

maybe this summer.
are you experienced - check out: 040306
Sherman moonbeam monkey Acid is a trip .I've done it many times, and usually a lot at a time . in all my trips there had never been and will never be "since i quit dropping "a crazier trip than the experience i am about to share with you people of the blather . Ahem
It all began with a visit to my friend louie . Louie was your everyday loveable freelance pharmacist as I liked to call him .oh and I note as well that this experience was probably highly dangerous and immoral but what the hey .i was on acid so don't judge me .Continuing
I decided the night before when I was on acid that i would outdo all of my previous trips to a "mind boggling extent " litterally . I had 100 dollars in my hand a head full of bad ideas . I had previously experienced tracers and visual hallucinations of things that weren't actually there like flashing laser lights in my immediate view .but i wanted some text book fear and loathing style depravity and insanity . what can i say I was young and misguided . so with my hundred dollar bill in my hand I purchased a vial of liquid acid . i don't know if any of you out there understand the sheer intensity of a good liquid trip but i sure did after this night . After I picked up my treasure I called up my friend mark who was one of my favorite people to trip out with at the time . I told him coincidentally at the same time as he told me we were going to the moon tonight . The previous night he had acquired a sizeable ammount of good mescaline and ketamine . What madness drove us head on into this psychedelic up and down carnival ride .Fuck peer pressure we were going to do all of these drugs for the sheer enjoyment of being fubar. Fucked - up -beyond-any -recognition.We rendezvoused at our common area of the canal . Mark was there sitting on the cool stone millwheel with the look in his eyes. I knew he was already fucked on some form of barbituate and he was in the onsetting first stages of some great halucination.I had previously by 30 minutes drip dropped about 48 days worth of schiZophrenic symptoms worth of lsd into my mouth . mmmmmmmm the taste of sight .If only we could photograph the things that nobody actually sees .but yeah we walked along the ocean until we came to the reality that we lost ours completely when we saw a blanket . which wouldn't be entirely strange if it hadn't been cloaking a deranged naked weirdo named least that's what it told us it's name was .it had green peering eyes like a creature from the bog it's skin was greyish brown and somewhat glowing.on it's side the creature carried 6 designer hand bags all varying sizes but all were dragged. we could see ther trail that the dragging hand bags left all the way down the beach .but the line down the beach slowly dissappeared as it morphed into a snake and scurried away . the creature was still there but wasn't hallucination. it's features were just excentuated by the drugs. I found out later while i was at tim hortons that it was some guy that had escaped from the loony bin . the legend of the creebler is still told in my home town .the sand dunes slowly turned into glass castles and I peered into a subrealistic moonscape . I had no idea where I was then or who i was all i could do is say "We've done it now boy. it can't be undone it can't be undone "slowly i slipped out of halucination and into reality . and what seemed slow was an eternity .a jaguar led me home to an area I vaguely remembered as home and .I crashed
hsgatincamail nutmegs legaller 040409
hsgatincamail nutmeg is more legal
cheaper too
Tash ACID has had the ability to block all of my inner thoughts... why do i let it do this to me? I love the drug and the drug loves me but i hate it so much that i cant stand it at the same time. How can I have relationship with a drug like this? LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP 040416
ferret blather_acid 040417
kinkazoid acid... an essay

It is all in your head.
Everything you do and everything you say is all in your head.
You have the power to tell your self everything is going to be ok.
If you think its going to be bad... its gonna burn your insides with sorrow,
if you tell your self it will be wonderful... you will breath in only happiness.
Your mind is only a machine
A toy which you have complete control over.
Tell it what to think
Demand it what to do
Before mind, sorrow, and happiness combine forces,
and take over soul

Tell your self 5 times over "its going to be super fun" .. it will work if you truly believe.
ofsuch coca cola. so dont drink it. 040430
emm gryner you left a good drug on my tongue
(and I know
and I know
and I know)
I should write about the dizziness
cause I can't talk to the constellation
(hey, like I want
and I want
yeah, I want)
cause I know too well what's good for me

and you just dropped your bomb
like blood on tuesday night
like everyone else, you found a pretty face
and you're all set for life

hey, I'll always wish I was with you
hurt me - you can't kill me, whatever you wanna do
hey, I'll always wish I had your hand
it would take away the acid if I
thought you'd understand
but I don't think you'd understand, no...

you say it happened like the movies
(yeah, in a shot
in a shot, yeah)
you got all the things you were looking for
I got enough indigo to wash away my heart
no, you gotta keep me on this side of the great wide sea

now I think I might get myself all 1967 on you
run screaming to the balcony
(but I can't do that
can't do ... )
I gotta keep my good composure
and swallow everything I want to say
mad options... 040521

What someone like Rael one Cloud or kinkazoid talk about is the natural state of the human mind. That's beautiful.
Nothing to do with the mind on acid.
The mind on acid is a much different thing you can't rationalize in the way that they have.

There is no secret to it, you'll just get suckered in by the drug and it will ruin your life afterwards.

It's hard to admit to one's self that it accomplished nothing starting with such dreams.

Something tells me some people will have more thoughts to add in the future.

This isn't your normal run of the mill "bad feelings" that go away in the morning. It's haunting.
My friend says he'd rather die than do drugs again. He just drinks.
phil I think they left out, oh yeah, and don't ever use acid. 050116
psychaotic it saved my life...literally 050309
tov has left me with mild paranoia 050708
Dolly Rocker hmm...Acid... 051008
Dolly Rocker there is no acid in my town. Only crack. Yuck. someone send me acid in the mail. 051008
anne-girl pH 7
in liquid ammonia, everything changes
narcisstic_grapes drown in sparkling acridity. sharp stings, a hole in my tongue, the icy blueness and fiery redness of acid. 060725
hsg1437 I have found...

if you want it enough, but there is none to be found, you will start tripping.

there is DMT in your brain. an utterly sincere moment is all it takes to become enlightened.

when you go into yourself without holding back, you find youself.

the resolve to ponder until you understand is all it takes and you can understand anything.

I've died in my mind and have again found life.

like a moment in a trip where you wish it would end, this moment is fear, anxiety. this moment is suicide. your fears though cannot hurt you and suicide is not possible.

we are asleep until we have complete enthusiasm for life.

the willingness to trip is directly proportionate to the willingness to live.

a single moment when you choose a complete willingness to live shows you just how it is that you cannot die.

that would be too much to see unless you were truly willing; this is likewise too much to believe until you are ready.

dirt remains dead until it's willing to choose life.

a seed remains small until it reaches out.

keep reaching out and you will trip into All_The_Way_Alive. Air_Trees_Water_Animals. ATWA

when life seems tiring or too much, there is sleep. but sleep is the door to dreams. there was no death with the laying of the head. there is no sleep without dreaming. the harder the days the more pleasant the dreams. this is the LAW: all is fair in Love And War. victims of concentration camps reported having very beautiful dreams of all sorts with pleasantries and rainbows.

if you want it enough, you begin to trip.

you will find when you go there in you mind, you will find you can control_your_dreams.

life is waiting for you to live it fully.

will you take its hand and dance?

it's like a first kiss but on a much deeper level.

and much more beautiful.

like being in love for the sake of being loving instead of otherwise having felt lonely.

it's a continuous lesson until it's not forgotten:
it's better to reach towards the light than to have to be pushed out of the darkness. it's always you who gets yourself out anyway. it's always more fun to play.

say yes to life... whenever you're ready.

Christ without the cross What do you mean by trip. there are moments when i catch the beauty of your words and then other moments when i am completely.

I still don't see the connection. please enlighten me so that I would display my ignorance by trying to interpret your words.

what's it to you?
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