sunny i met jimmy today. he had candles in his studio apartment. there was no electricity. he loves his guitars. he just loves. he sang a song about us. how we found out who we are, or how we are finding out who we are. his voice is soft, and pure and untainted. he whispered but he wasnt afraid. and when it was out of his range, that was ok to. the music is more important than out insecurities. when he sang it was the most real thing thing that i kno. he must be the most sincere person i ever met. he is beautiful. we played cortez the killer. and what he saw when he played was the perfect perfect people there. and he saw cortez the killer, and he hated him. im leaving this place. i will miss jimmy, but he'll be with me. this i know 010621
twitch what are we sincere abouy.....LOVe? hate? pain? 050604
ferna Erin: Did you know that the word sincere
comes from the italian...."without cracks." Pot sellers would sell their pots, and say "sin cere."

Tim: Bizarre...

Erin: Without cracks....that they had never been mended. My aunt told me that, i haven't looked it up though.

I think that sometimes that cracks matter, even if they've been mended.

Tim: Well, it's our cracks, or flaws, or whatever you want to call them, that define our character I think.

Erin: Maybe, or maybe those are danger zones that only some people know how to navigate.

I had a friend of a friend of a friend once and he was an army man. He said, boasted maybe, that he knew how to daisy chain landmines, hundreds at a time, one of the best he knew of. He could just chain them, one after the other--so that if one exploded, the rest would, in near tandem.

And sometimes I think he's only slightly worse than some people. Just less subtle, better at tearing things apart than putting them together.

Tim: Sounds like explosive dominos.

Erin: It is.
Intricate and lacy,
and lethal.
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