if i could talk id tell you you whispered
you whispered
you whispered
you don't whisper anymore
ass you talk to loud 030610
chickee past tense of whisper
i looked that up in the dictionary!!
endless desire i whispered
but you didn't hear me.
i whispered
and no one ever heard me.
Amithyst Sey Blade here i sit
in but a whisper under my breath
does anyone even know I am talking?
here i pray
that someone will hear me
but no one even sings a song
go on day by day
trying to get summer out of the way
go on
find some way
to whisper
as i whispered the song
counterentity he whispered. she whispered.

the sweet sweet song of a melody too sacred to speak out loud.

the melody that turned into a discordant shriek and faded again into the nothingness from which it first arose.
smileygirl i liked it when he whispered sweet nothings into my ear. 040225
lilac_air whispered whispered i am no more
for my body it lye in the cemetery

yet I still feel the air and smell the breeze

u still feel me
I am in your soul
your deepest memories
u still make promises,
and apologies to me
u so long to touch me in anyway u can

sadly you now see the thin between life and death

U wonder now how i ever made it through a day
for the pain of loss is hard

u see how selfish we all are at times

U so long to hold ON

someday and I will fade into nothingness
and no one will remember me or u

This so scares U
the thought of the final fade away
u are now searching for something
to leave here so u can live forever
I wish u luck
for i now live in u
hetaira nothing. 040712
lacunas coil "you pretend to be blind and i'll lead you" she whispered in the night.

i put my hand on her elbow and followed her movements and voice through the park and trees at the side. we walked, it felt, straight for ever, through trees and bushes and tall grass and short grass. slowly my hand slipped down until we were walking hand in hand, me with my eyes closed; she telling me where we were going and what it looked like.

"lets trade" she said, taking my elbow. i felt half saddened and half relieved that she didnt take my hand.

we went past jesus rock, and down this thin trail that over looked the bend in the river. i stopped and explained it to her in hushed tones. soon enough her eyes were open and we were sitting and talking on the shore.

standing up, she closed her eyes and took my elbow again. we walked to the concrete slab in the middle of the stand of trees, her hand slowly falling down my arm. soon our fingers were entwined and our thumbs gently caressed the other's hand. that's the best part of holding hands, when the fingers explore the other's hand.

we sat on the concrete slab and played the hand drum, trading a joint back and forth talking about her summer and my summer and our beliefs, which overlap quite well. i felt as if i was with my best friend, though i don't have one and have only seen this girl three times before last night, all in early may.

we stood up after the joint was roached, quite high and not really feeling the beer we had at the bar or in my apartment. i led her, blind, all the way to the house where we were to meet a friend. i knocked on the door after we tried both door bells, and a sleepy looking twenty year old answered.


"erm, hi... we were invited here for a jam by some guys from the bayou"

"yeah, sorry dudes, we all crashed out.. next monday maybe? i just am going to go sleep.."

we found out that our friend was there with a guy who we both, independantly decided gave off really bad vibes and i was, for my part liking this girl, slightly worried. but then i felt silly with that worrying and it faded more into a shallow retreat. the retreat is like a pulling back of emotions, in preparation for a broken heart.

we left the house and made our way to a school. we played in the sand around the jungle gym for an indefinable amount of time, until she came over and whispered "do you hear a violin?"

"no" i said "but i do hear an air conditioner"

"hmmm" she said.

we both got up ( i was under the jungle gym ) and started spinning. after we stopped, i stumbled a bit and found myself on the ground. she ran over to me and grabbed my face, giving me a one way kiss. "talk to you tomorrow!" she said as she ran off into the night
three words the_water_is_wide psssttt_mystery whispered 050319
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