Raina the old Cosby episode you reminded me of
when they found the joint in the laundry...
if it was my folks?
they would have never told me.
and plaster grins on their faces while they looked for midnight snacks.
birdweed flick
The end lights long enough for one hit

Holding the lighter.
Take the hit

hold the smoke and think about the last time you got high in the back of that black van with raven and chris, raven's mom and samantha, hoping that the cops don't come as the incessant laughing fogs the windows in the apartment complex on a november night

exhale the hit and light it again

tear open the box of crackers

take another, deeper hit
feel the slightly scorched sensation at the back of your throat

laugh at nothing in particular, but know that you're having a good laugh anyway

take a few more hits before pondering whether or not that piece of fried chicken in the fridge is still good or is the burrito place that was under construction is open yet...laugh again at the fact that the situation that has dogged your train of thought for so many months doesn't seem to make you ache just right now

your face feels slightly numb and the air from the cooler isn't giving you a chill and though you were nearly unconscious when you started

orange juice
fried chicken...
incense sticks...

one last hit before i'll have to save the roach and use the tweezers

mountain dew
Southern Comfort
fruit cocktail

flipping between listening to the electronica show on the radio or my new Lo-Fidelity All-Stars CD

DOORNumber thre!
Aphex Twin;the richard d james album

realize i'm ...whoa...
when did i change person in this narrative...i just noticed that,,,laugh some more

hit the blather button
guitar_freak ahh weeeeeeeeeeeddddd 001122
god genius! birdweed (clap clap)! 001122
unhinged me and my friend were studying music history yesterday...berlioz and mendelssohn and schubert and schumann...i am never going to get those lieder straight by tomorrow at 8am. ugh...anyways....and while we are listening to all the shittiest music from the romantic era that grout and palisica could find, he's rolling up my goodies for me. 5 joints...all of various widths one of which happens to be pretty wide...camel wide maybe. much fun will be had starting tuesday night...weed is my friend 001210
unhinged peace is soon arriving... 001212
Jolie heh heh heh. i cant say much on that subject....never had one....*cough*sinffle*blink*.....what..? ears are turning red aren't they? 001218
JessieLee Stupid.

As if i had the hand eye coordination to roll one.
Persona I remember the first time I got really wrecked:
A small apartment, a semicircle of crammed full couches and chairs:
peanut butter on cracker contests. On the count of three
munch munch munch after torturous munch
stifling giggles and unsuccessful bits of cracker flying out at the person across from you.
I can't remember why it was so goddamn funny to eat crackers at each other
I do remember how there was nothing to drink
kerry there was a boy in my lunch whose mother died on thanksgiving. he's tall and bald and has buddy holly glasses and hugs everybody.
it's kind of scary how bad things always happen to good people. maybe if i'm a bitch for the rest of my life, i'll get what i want?
cheer-up-emo-kid I like cigar joints better than hand rolled ones. they take much less effort to hit. 020514
hehe i smoke 2 joints before i smoke 2 joints,
then i smoke 2 more.
phil this shit just never made me laugh that much 020629
stacey i remember the last good time that i reall had when i got high..i was w/ 5 other ppl and we were at this one guys house in his basement, and we had about 4 bowls between the 5 of us, we were fucked off our ass!! nehoo, one of my best friends amy was walking around the room in a very slow motion, when me and this dude were in the bed...(heh heh)..neways when i got high w/ them the one thig on my mind was ice cream, or frozen juice which ever one would work..and macoronie and cheese!! thosee are soomee goood times!!! 020629
myplasticmind todays letter is-
will & Jim aka batman thats nasty...the way you? 021228
celestias shadow hehe, you rock! that's exactly what I thought of too. There's Sublime for every situation, eh? Well, if you're a stoner I suppose. Not that that narrows it down a whole lot. 030629
Halacious A the my room...after my brother gets off work in the morning(wake and bake) the kitchen, takin knife hits, What? Jeromy rolled another blunt?! He smokes alot and I thought my brother smoked alot! With Bryan, downstairs in his bitches garage. Smokin a cig.(errr..he rolls his own) Nasty nasty bottle. take a sip and pass it on.....After dark in the courtyard of the apt., talkin to Amanda and Melissa(theyre so understanding) Watchin all the skaters fall on their asses, talkin to the bitch upstairs(What?! you want me to come up their and kick yer ass?!) In the car on 1st avenue in Cedar Rapids, "lookin for a job"(yeah fuckin right] At the Dykes apartment(lesbians are great) puff puff give. back to the apartment for another boring night. Come by and see me sometime! its apt 7(ring the night bell) 030704
User24 another night of blissfull oblivion 031017
bandersnatch its amazing... every wednessday as i come out of the visual arts building at school i smell weed, and see the same 3 guys and 2 girls having a great time.

i wonder if the two are related?
Dafremen Maybe you should try it. No...I mean REALLY though, try it...soon.

(This blathe is not intended to promote the use of illicit substances, and is only intended for masochistic little beanbags that like to start sh*t out of the blue. OooO Ooo0o?)
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