jennifer I used to have 5 pretty buttons on my brown coat
but jerry likes to wear my coat (which is close to 5 sizes too big for him and always smells like a weird combination of camel lights and vanilla) and pick off the buttons and throw them onstage when he's directing a show
so, I lost all of them except one
and that does little help against cold winter winds
brad I like to sew a buh - ton on my coat. While playing the guitar. 000308
BoofPixie when the buttons don't work i use safety pins. but they aren't safe. they poke like a mutha. 000308
bubblebreath button yourself up. 010103
st3fan delete this 010510
girl_jane Button! Button! Who's got the button?

Button is one of my most favorite words to say. Others include bubble, both, poodle, fork, dish, and other silly words.
randomly recent when many buttons are placed in close proximity, they are called keys.

not a button and when you group the keys together you get Florida 040114
emily post_office 040212
divine Madness she is that one that haunts my dreams
my Button, my true love
she is what I want..
my sanity..
she is
my lesbian love..
what's it to you?
who go