dallas That cold time of the year when people have trouble thinking about anything other than themselves and trying to stay warm. 981003
i could be the snow
k i wish i could SEE snow. 981125
adam is the season of love, dying, changing, cold and remoresless. winter is more betrayal than love. more consequence than fate. 990214
paul I welcome the winter, and the opportunity to wear a comfy, cuddly sweater all day. 990226
miniver Is that the wind bumbling 'round the darkness,
Spinning gales and trailing snail trails
Of somniferous song?
Wind's long, liquid fingers
Linger 'round some nude neck
Or whisper through the defect in some petticoat
(Somewhere, a lonely button cries).
jennifer it's snowing and I want to scream
for the bitter kisses
that play upon my lashes
just pain me more
and cause my stomach to hurt
I feel terrible restlessness
and it builds
alicia i'm sad in the winter. i'm sad in the summer. i'm sad in the fall. i think the only season i dont have a seratonin problem with is spring. because everything is all melty. just like me 991231
bee is just like autumn, here in miami.
it's supposed to get really cold
but it never does and it won't
or so i'm told.
gaudior it's funny how snow can distance you from everything around you. perhaps it's the feeling that you're trapped inside, or the oppressive cold. but maybe it's that when snow falls on silent feet, we can finally realize that we are never truly alone. 000115
marjorie the white witch strikes
small sharp snowflakes
flicker and dash like ice cutting
into you
forcing you back
laying on the ground
we become angels
imprinted in soft liquid
that seeps onto our scarves
and makes our breath warm against our faces
Beaker collect 5 snuggle soft blankets , no electric blankets aloud, you need music , milo and mayhaps a book. fall asleep.wake up.drag yourself out of bed dress in the clothes you spent an hour preparing the night before. your rides here .excitment builds , you see the fresh snow, fallen the night before , your eyes widen and your heart sings. snow at last. 000717
jamie As i sit waiting and hoping, of that winter day.
When it will snow and I do not have to go to work or scholl.
When I can return to my childhood and play in the snow.
Every day should be a snow day!!!
rubydee i live in maine
people complain about the cold all winter
now it is warm
hot for the thick blooded nor'easters
and what do they do?
turn up the air conditioner
and complain about the heat

i just don't understand
why complain all year?
why not just move?
maybe they just like to grumble

we do have the coldest swimming water
the atlantic is almost unbearable
until september
except for the canadians
and small children
Eris Winter has come.
Her cold grasp is uppon the world.
I see her outside my door.
She slithers in past my threshold.
Like a mist of seathing snakes.
She tires to take away my warmth.
Perhaps I should welcome her in.

Winter has come.
She teases me by killing all that was near.
Outside, a white wasteland of profound beauty.
As if through death comes new life.
If I listen close enough I can hear her.
Knocking on my door.
Perhaps I should welcome her in.

Winter has come.
And I am no longer afraid.
Today for shure I will open my door.
I will run in her cold embrace.

Winter has come.
And I have joined her.
I no longer feal the cold but only her warmth.

Winter has come
absent but still present visualizing huge piles of snow and the almost frostbyte cold redness of bare skin that has been touching snow for too long is helping me live the heat....or maybe it's just the breeze off lake michigan 010629
sEth Best fucking season of all. Fuck Summer. 011111
ilovepatsajak i agree. but i'm afraid of slipping on the ice. people should hold my hand. 011112
pat sajak hovedsaklig ungdom som ennå ikke 011112
niki we don't have a winter here...we have a chilly fall 011112
birdmad ponders the plague of humanity right now, in this place is is like late summer in more sensible places on the globe

wasn't this warm when i was a kid

by now, back then, the morning dew would frost on the green playground turf and we would come in the south gate with our bookbags and get a good running start, sliding for all we were worth and pissing off our parents with the grass stains when we got home later that day

i would imagine the plants are confused

i think some must have dropped their leaves from forve of habit, but the greenness that lingers on is almost creepy
ClairE Winter is slow to come

and I like when it comes in rain
instead of snow.
Mahayana how [[['i am']]] 1/4
of all your seasons
is still a mystery
to [[me]]

¿[[[could you handle 4 seasons of me]]]?
pushpins "in winter" by kittie. 020122
cube As a resident of Canada, i'm somewhat of an expert at long cold winters. We've had our mildest winter on record. It's been marvelous. I think global warming is the greatest thing since the invention of the candle stick. I plan to buy a larger car which generates even more hydrocarbons and am thinking of burning all my garbage in the back yard instead of having it wasted in a land fill site.

Pretty soon, we'll be able to grow pineapples up here :-)
lauren when i see him my eyes turn to winter. when he passes my eyes turn to coal and my lips can not move. my body just freezes in place... his image will turn me to a snowwoman, waiting and wishing for the sun to come out, hoping to die. but he looks at me, and melts me softly, i pool into my own feet. 020331
rubydee we lived through another winter.
for what?
marcellus ill tell ya for what. you lived through winter so you could appreciate the summer. ummm, maybe that is applicable somewhere else. 020416
Syrope i miss it. i do. usually i long for the summer...not this year. this year i just had a feeling, a premonition, that i would be happier if winter didn't fade away. i miss the stark scenery, the clarity of air and sound and thought, the organized bustling, the silences, the warm sweaters and snug i feel like i can't bear to be too close to anything, like i'm looking at everything through goggles...i can't breathe, i can't think, i can't motivate myself. next winter will be a winter of change for me, and that is what pulls me through. 020611
dondeestanlosjaguares will bring a new warmth that only just experienced recently, i miss terribly and am counting the days till I can live it once more. the winter will be long, but before it comes to an end, my life will come to a beginning. . . 020803
Sailor Jupiter One of my fav Tori Amos songs. Reminds me of me and my father...also my Grandpa Ray a little.

Hair is grey and the fires are burning
So many dreams on the shelf
You say I wanted you to be proud of me
I always wanted that myself

When you gonna make up your mind
When you gonna love you as much as I do
When you gonna make up your mind
Cause things are gonna change so fast
All the white horses have gone ahead
I tell you that I'll always want you near
You say that things change my dear
bencvt the season of the mute, where dreams grow stronger than memory 021014
angie the thunder wishes it could be the snow
-tori amos
salty pepper steps on me 030114
Anna_In_Reverse When you're not here I compensate. 030116
jane i die young every winter. every time i see him poke his icy head around the corner of colorful autumn, i know i will take my toll soon. winter plays tricks on us, telling us we won't need blankets and sweaters, that we'll be with someone this year, at least by valentine's day to celebrate a fradulent relationship. so no one will have to be alone. but they always are 030117
jane i die young every winter. every time i see him poke his icy head around the corner of colorful autumn, i know i will take my toll soon. winter plays tricks on us, telling us we won't need blankets and sweaters, that we'll be with someone this year, at least by valentine's day to celebrate a fradulent relationship. so no one will have to be alone. but they always are 030117
jane blast 030117
phil snow falls across my window
like winter had never ended
only waited to be continued
QuantumShade the train sails silently down the tracks, rocking tranquilly to and fro
the snow falls beyond the confines of the clear glass window
trees covered with the glistening powder
shadows hiding all beyond the foreboding branches
i sit and watch and wonder
forever never forget
crimson Feeling the jealous burn of an approaching summer at her heels, winter rushed into my bedroom like a suicide bomber, killing all signs of heat. My body was given to chance to prepare for her nightime attack as I drew myself from the security of warm sheets. Even with the alliance of my hoodie, I gave up all hopes of winning the battle for warmth as I slipped from my window towards the caked and frozen ground. 030926
naive artist It seems easier to write about winter now that it's gone. 040623
junk i think of you
and the hardness of our winter
as fumbling fingers find fragile peace
as awakening truths break new ground
i wish you had stayed for the thaw
to see the first
new shoots
of seeds planted
spring forth from the now fertile soil of my soul
lacunas coil the warmth of peace over flowing from the frozen earth and snow into the hearts of two lovers walking silently in the moonlight shadows of the pines, hand in hand unaware of the canvass they stroll across, completely intune to eachother's heart and soul. 040624
lou_la_belle i passed by a christmas tree lot today

not surprisingly,
it smelled of pine trees...

and frozen sap,
fresh snow and peeled bark.
and suddenly i was remembering,
why i like winter all over again.

the crisp air
the way you can watch your breath curl up and up into the night sky
the feel of big fluffy snowflakes brushing your eyelashes
making tiny rainbows when you glance past the sun
how you can see all the footprints
and where people are going
where they came from even
watching geese fly about in seemingly random directions
slipping on my ice cold skates and wobbling back and forth across a frozen river
and ah yes,
daring some poor hapless victim to lick the nearest pole. :)

oh winter,
it just wouldn't be right without ya.
Octavo (and only the snow can begin to explain
how children are apt
to forget to remember
with up so floating many bells down)
zeke i like winter when it's far away and happening to someone else. 050907
IGG there's a chill in the air
of secrets untold
selfi cold weather brings hollow feelings
s.a.d what is it anyways
just another blame i thought
but what else could it be.

severe to extreme depression..

thank you come again.
who i am doesnt matter anymore is about to kill me. if i have to live through a shit load more of winters after this, someone is gonna die. now if its myself, or someone else... thats the mystery behind it.

im sick of being cold 24/7
im sick of the nasty water snow mucky stuff.
im sick of it being grey out.


and is it sad that the day i decided i was sick of winter already was the actual day winter began.

hurry up spring, i need you
dondeestanlosjaguares i really miss winter right now, mainly cuz it's so freakin hot here in africa. . . I wouldn't mind playin in the snow, sitting by a nice fire and enjoying hot cocoa, because that's what you do in wintertime. Maybe if it didn't average over 100 degrees every day. I miss cali. . . 060526
jr thinking of winter
your voice is a splinter inside me
z like death, but you suffer. 060526
pete finally, it is here 070115
unhinged used to be a comfort when the outside matched my insides. now it just brings things to prominence that i'd rather leave behind me. 090120
z winter is assault 090121
unhinged nature's way of telling us we don't belong 090121
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