Grievance I'm falberghasted that no one has said anything about this in almost 4 years, or grandfather either.

Grandfathers are the distant relatives, but still oh so close. Each one seems to be plagued by a fathomless pit of memories and self_hate, or guilty disgust, all caused by their overflood of memories.
But each one has something unique to offer you, be in character or gift, their expiriences and knowledge are scarred, but much more plentiful. Loving in their distant reminiscance.

What did your grandfather give you?
Mine was a WWII victim, so his stories. But also his guitar, and his vast scape of interests.
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lookie here mine gave me a zodiac charm. (we were born under the same sign.) he had worn it for years. i noticed it when i was little and said i wanted it. years later after i had long forgotten, he pulled me aside at a family christmas gathering and put in my the palm of my hand and said "i dont forget. its old so take care of it." hes not much for words but he loves me.
oddly enough, however, hes not my biological grandfather and my other two didnt give me much. one was an alcoholic and hit rock bottom after my grandmother died but never quite pulled himself up. the other i have never even met.
Jacer Today is my Grandpa's birthday, he's been dead just over a year:


On my grandpa's death bed, he told me all of his dreams, and all of his wishes. What oscillates through my head is "I have fought long enough, it is time I place my trust in the lord." He may not have written his own destiny, but he did a the best he could with what the lord had set for him, and helping others find their own destinies, inspiring all of us in our darkest moments. Today we sit here mourning a loss as those in heaven herald an arriving hero. I'll keep part of his spirit just for myself, and hope that I'm half the person he will always be.
Casey My grandpa died Wednesday. He was a World War II vet. I was the first person in my family to ask him about it. He told me stories and what he did, it was great. The only other memory of him that could beat that was when I was a little kid I would sit at his type writter and just pound keys onto a piece of paper. Then I'd take the paper to him and he'd always find words and laugh at it for no reason at all, no matter how stupid it was. He still did it to make me happy. I'm going to miss him. They sent his body to a medical school for medical students to use. He will come back creamated in a few years and we will bury him then. 020402
Rotten77 my grandpa died when i was ten. i missed the first day of 5th grade to go to his funeral. i don't remember bing especially sad at the time, but when i really stop and think about him now it really hurts how much i miss him. he was the awsomest guy. i wish he coulda stuck around longer. i remember having bonfires in the canyon with him, and he always had oatmeal cookies in his house. they were kinda gross, actually. and he picked cherries from his tree and canned them, but he wasn't very selective and there were always little white worms floating around in the jars. but he was sooooo nice. i dunno how my dad came from that guy. then after he got cancer he joked to me one day that it took him half an hour to get dressed. i didn't think it was funny, though. and then when he got even worse me and my brother helped my aunt weed his garden for little treats like fruit snacks. i said goodbye to him, but i wish i could say it again. grandpa, if u can read this, I MISS YOU! 030515
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