me? as ive said before, we don't often trust others, but maybe we trust ourselves a little more than we should?

(this argument may potentially be bull shit)
to scientific thinkers, followers of modern western civilization, the people who argue that they can't believe things that they cannot feel through their own senses (this includes me) - so you sit there denying the words of some multi-thousand year old books, religious things like god etc., on accounts that there is no proof no evidence, that you cannot see these things yourselves. but how much of science do you take as Absolute Truth because some scientist in some journal ... very likely the scientist didn't experience it directly either, but through some sort of machine like a computer... but then the machine can be thought of as an extension of the senses for the one who uses it... and the word 'theory' plays a very important part. they do not often state that what they have found is the Absolute Truth, but instead what they think is a likely answer based on their interpretation of information (and what is information without interpretation?...) ... so i'm guessin that most of you catch this theory stuff, but some go ranting about that it's all absolute truth damn gammit...
now i've thoroughly lost my train of thought. did i have any point? maybe... i've seen the rings around saturn. i've seen the moons of jupiter. i've seen clouds of stars in the sky.
so what happened to old god?
i pulled out good ol' occam's razor.
seen how god(s) could be created by man.
simpler. slice.

but should i be so sure?
hehehe. i'd just prefer to live and not worry.
gaudior i trusted him
i did, i was such a fool
i knew he would hurt me if he could, if only he could
he was just biding his time until my guard was down
and then he ripped out my heart without even listening for the sound of my utter heartbreak

never again, i swore
never will he destroy my very soul
and yet
and yet
i would let him do it
for just three little words
BOOM! i trust him
he trusts me
i don't trust myself
kari If you take a scientist's word on something you haven't ever experienced yourself, you're trusting him the same way lots of people trust in their religions. The reason I don't trust in religion is because I have seen religion and it makes me sick. People will do anything you want them to do if you threaten them with eternal punishment or offer to reward them eternally... 000127
tarin perhaps i should have written it here, instead of in sophistry. 000509
birdmad A good Hal Hartley film.
1990, i think.

i like it, but i can't watch it anymore because the lead actress, Adrienne Shelly, looks too much like someone i thought i knew.

And Martin Donovan's character is a lot like i was (and maybe still am) during that time
silvre impossible.
never believe in anything or anyone unless its God. not religion, but God Himself (or Herself). the only thing that will always be there and will always stand for the same thing, at least as long as you're around.
shiva i trusted her
she trusted me with her life
but she didn't trust herself

marissa seems to be the point between lies and the truth. you have to know which is which. 001111
kx21 Level of Trust = no. of Truth -
no. of Lies

The SCIENCE: Tell more Truth
THE ART : Tell less Lies

The Reality:
NOBODY can be trusted as
Everybody Lies, either intentionally
or unintentionally.
daanuh I wish i could trust. I dont trust anyone. I barely trust myself. 001112
Are you sure you never tell lies in the past, present and future?
the pope (lee ranaldo) "we make up what we can't hear, then we sing all night... 001113
chanaka in the eye of the beholder....
i trust you you trust me
but how MUCH do you trust me?
is it as much as i trust you?
measured in words trust is deceiving
because there is no
certainty in words
only areas of gray which i find
kx21 There are infinite GRAY areas in you, especially your mind.

Can you be trusted?

And Who can be trusted?
kx21 I Trust You is
a Universal Lie and
a Universal Tool
used to maintain inappropriate relationships between I and You.
Deniedu trust faith
are you a liar
lie to me
trust me
misspudding we begin life full of it
we end life hoping that we have it
we spend the in-between time wondering what it really is and seeking it
it's all we really want
give me a little of yours, i'll give you a little of mine in return
please open up?
Aimee I have issues with trust, because anyone I've ever trusted has hurt me. I honestly don't know how I can be so open here, maybe it's easier because no one can really hurt me cause they don't know me. I've always been someone who makes sure that there is a labyrinth of lies leading to who they really are... an effective defense mechanism. I think one day, once all the wounds have healed, I'll be able to trust people who aren't just on blather. 010307
kx21 t1) Trust & God

Trust is the Universal tool for Liar

What is the Universal tool for God?
unique butterfly i do not trust myself.
where do you learn to trust yourself?
i do not trust my friends.
where do you learn to trust your friends?
i do not trust the world.
where do you learn to trust the world?
vampers trust yourself, trust your heart more, the mind lies, but the heart never will 010325
elisabeth something that you have lost from me and you are never getting it back. 010325
kx21 From God to Man:-

Trust me unconditionally and you will be given a chance to be a member of the HEAVEN.
MexPanther trust is an issue can't even trust your best friends today, cause you never know what they're capable of... "Don't trust anybody"--Steve Austin 010325
kx21 Refined version...

The Greatest Love of GOD to MAN:-

Trust me unconditionally and you will be given a seat in the HEAVEN...
*Ziima* I have no true trust for anyone, with anyone, or in anyone. I just dont trust. I've been hurt too many times. Trust isnt an option. 010401
birdmad betrayal 010402
elisabeth something that i need to find in you. something i need to do again 010411
13 i can't fucking believe she did that when she knows i like him she's probably happy now too which is the worst and he didn't even ask about me i bet BECAUSE HE DOESN'T EVEN FUCKING CARE ABOUT ME 010411
nocturnal is something you work to earn only to make it easier to betray. 010411
as i tryed a new dealer this time (i was gettin some pot for my vacation next week) and the fucken bitch trys to cheat me. i told her i wanted $50 worth, about a half... and the whore gives me like a dime short. i forgot to check what she gave my when i was buyin but as soon as she drove away i realived she fucken screw me. i guess its the first and last time i buy from that cock sucken whore 010411
marissa "Love all trust a few.Do wrong to none; be able for thine enemyrather in power than use; any keep thy friend Under thine own lifes key; be checked for silencebut never taxed for speech." 010603
constella i thought i could trust you
you dirty little theif
i thought i could belive you
when you said you would never hurt me
i thought i really knew you
you filled my head with impossible lies

you have taken away my heart
and ripped it into pieces
so that i may never love again

you have taken away my soul
and eaten it for your own delight
so that i may never be myself again

you have taken my trust
and trampled it in pleasure
so that i can never trust again

you took myself away from me
and then touched it with you dirty hands
so i can never be the same
kx21 The dilemma:-

Which comes first

(Chicken) Trust yourself or

(Egg) Trust other, e.g. God etc.. ?
kx21 Given that you got problem to trust yourself fully...

Can you really trust others?
kx21 Is it possible:-
Trust without a set of beliefs?
The Truth trust involves lowering your own defenses, and placing your interests in the hands of another. This is complicated for some people because they have been hurt by people they trust, i.e. conditioned (or taught) to distrust others. Those who never make the effort (and it is quite an effort for some) to RELEARN trust, live a dissatisfied, incomplete existence. 010725
redheadedmexican Trust is used to destroy the indivisual but in the process it helps society. 010819
confusion who knows 010918
Stephin_Merritt Here is a partial list of things that are making me nervous today, none of which I feel comfortable telling him, and to all of which he would say either a) "get over it", or b) "what's it gonna take to get you to trust me?"

1. There might never have been a ticket on hold to begin with, because

2. he was willing to fly blind until he actually had to do it, and

3. there was the weird $250 limit. That's less than I paid the first time. That's less than I'd pay now. Not to mention,

4. since when is he scared of terrorists, and

5. on the phone he was ready to do anything, but he ended up doing nothing.

I told him it was no big deal, it was his choice. And so, he made his choice. Well I would have bought the ticket. THAT's why I'm nervous. THAT's why I feel like a sucker. Because I would do what he did not. Maybe eventually he'll be reading all this. Honey, my feelings are hurt.

And I don't think I want to spend Christmas in Florida after all.
kx21 It's a unique object of speculation or bubble...

Be aware or alert when someone said
I really trust you...
zoe dreaming of god 020120
me no more 020308
Stephin Merritt Wow, four months later and here I am again. Ain't a damn thing changed.

The essential, crystalline core of whatever excuse you will give me tomorrow: You are selfish.

It was one of the first things you ever admitted to me and ain't a damn thing changed.

And please stop saying how alike we are; the more I learn, the more I take offense at the notion.

phil You can actually trust me. 020308
. . 020527
cheer-up-emo-kid I have absolutely no trust in him. he lies to me. always. Ive forgiven him so many times. but Im having fun and I have someone to talk me to sleep. and he hasnt gotten my pregnant... and I dont want to be alone. so Im going to be stupid and forgive him once again and keep on drifting through this. 020527
fucked once too often Anger burns through my blood
and congeals in my brain.
You know how much you have hurt me
and I am fool enough to belive you won't do it again.
At times I can almost believe the sincerity of your appareant care.

And, so
very very
- foolishly

I allow myself to trust you again.

And then harder still you bite.
magdalena Trust.

I love you.

It grows with trust.
Trust grows with honesty.
Honesty brings me closer
Honesty builds trust...
Builds the strongest love.
The closest hearts.
My love ,
it grows with trust.
Mahayana Trust: the foremost kinship. 020713
rockstar close one eye
and gaze into the little hole
go ahead,
if you feel the need
what were you expecting to see?
i assure you
whatever you are looking for
it’s not here
just gray
everywhere, gray.
slide your fingers
through the thin crack
be sure not to make a sound
when really,
it doesn’t matter whether you do or don’t
slide them though
and feel around
what were you expecting to feel?
i assure you
whatever are looking for
it’s not here
just smooth
everywhere, cold and smooth
press you ear
against the door
the wooden door
i hope there are splinters
that tear at you ear
until they bleed
the way my eyes do
when i see you being so faithless
what were you expecting to hear?
i assure you
whatever you are looking for
it’s not here
just cries
everywhere, my same old cries
poeticmisfit what is trust? can anything or anyone ever really be trusted completely? honsotly, i think that no one can. i can't trust you, i can't trsut friends, family, god, books, words, or myself. nothing can be trusted, because everything will fail you....? ( can i ever trust my own conclusion about not being able to trust?) 020722
neverender he stood two steps behind her as she looked up at the starless sky.
"fall back," he said
"nahh" was her reply.
"i wanna see if you trust me."
"eh, but i do"
"ok then, fall back."
"don't worry, i'll catch you" as he said this, she was reminded of the song by the get up kids. she zoned out for a moment as the song echoed in her head.
"[her name here], you don't trust me" he frowned half-jokingly...but half serious, as well-- he didn't expect it to hurt this much but it did. she didn't realize how much he felt it until long after...for now she just smiled playfully.
she grabbed his face in her small hands that were first cold, then turned warm against his cheeks "..don't worry, i'll catch you. don't ever worry. no need for reminding, you're still all that matters to me..." she sang to him, giggling, smiling. she took her hands off his face. he suddenly felt cold without them. she turned and kept walking...convinced that he'd always be two steps behind her even if she never intended "fall", yet aching for him to know how she really felt. yearning for him to feel the same. but he just stood there looking in the opposite direction.
phil today 020729
josie Trust that the answer_to_all_my_problems won't be so_fucked as to honestly hurt me, trust that the blather_broadcast i make of myself isn't just a glass case of my pain.
I know it's nothing an apology can fix so i'm venting_my_rage here.. we're scar_crossed_non_lovers now right? So be sure, incase_of_emergency_break_glass_heart.
chiocken This is the President's e-mail address.
All correspondence:

We trust we can rely on your vote.
p2 that was your first mistake 021120
*silent screams Trust doesn't come easily for me, yet somehow i freely handed it to u with nothing to hide. Agian and agian u have burnt my trust into ashes and thrown them into the wind. How long will it take before i burn your image from my bleeding heart? If loving u in my life means loving the pain, then i'll dig as long as it takes until i finally free u from this heart of mine. 021206
the hogfather ive stopped trusting my friends. 021217
IWishICouldGoWithDavid Something I need experience with. 021217
boomboom aintitgreattobecrazy trust is nothing but a thought if you believe some things going to happen but your not sure if it ever might stay away from people who r never theere for you 021218
ratch's a mighty big, it takes a lifetime to recieve, you blink and it's gone. 030104
sterling625 this is something that i find can be hard to give, especially the more times you give it and it is thrown back in your face. how can you be sure who can be trusted... how do you know who you can trust? there are a very few people i trust nowadays after years of learning that many disrespect the gift of trust. those people who possess my trust have earned it and i love them dearly. i guess it all comes down to the fact that, really, lots of people are assholes. 030106
kris how do you know who you can trust? been with a guy for 10 months who i love with all my heart, it should be cut and dry! i should trust him...but how do you trust someone who's fucked you over in the past...badly...and you always take him back? and then you get a shitty feeling in the pit of your stomach whenever he mentions this girls now what do you trust? his words, or that feeling in your stomach? how much does love, and 10 months of commitment mean? can you ever really, truly trust someone who's really messed you up in the past? 030115
lidown Is everything 030520
delial I love you more than I can say, why won't you just believe? 030704
Amithyst Sey Blade to take that leap
not like this
i trust a friendship more
than anything
true friends dont let others fall
so dont ask that
dont say what you said
take it back
i'll leave it unread
and trust me
things are better
without moving this fast
trust me
things need to be the way they are
there's just somethings i cant do
and that's to trust you
ryro trust your instincts
trust that you can only trust yourself
and realize that trust is knowing what to expect.
mous it's easier to trust your own despair than someone else's hope 040223
story of eau a flimsy word.
he'll have farm land, a studio, a private lake and a country house soon enough. just you wait. we could live there together. make art. live peacefully. he compares all women to me, he says. no woman compares. he asks them: do you like d.h. lawrence? no? well you must, he says. he compares all women to me. he gives me animal bones and old wood to paint. yet the man is not to be trusted. i feel it in my bones. i don't trust him. what's that worth? farm land? a studio? a private lake and a country house? a good story and last choices? fate? destiny? trust is a flimsy word.
Summer I try and give the benfit of the doubt but deep down I know that it isn't true. I can't believe what you do. 040604
.. got a microscope 040604
HellBentWolf Why can't you just accept the idea that religion is written in the attempt to control the general population's behavior?

Why can't you see and accept that this is the one truth you'd be wise to learn to believe in?

Why don't you see the money, the props, the set-ups why can't you see the BIG FICTION SHOW right before your very eyes?

Oh well, it's not my problem. I'll just ignore you.
person i trust that underneath my pajamas, i am completely naked.

...that's hot.
love & hate please trust me again. One more chance is all i need to show you, to spend eternity with you, because the love for you is so strong, i can rebuild our trust in an instant. If you just trust in love before you trust in me, then your heart will be free. And then, once more, we can be together, and fall in love all over again, is that not the most rewarding experience... Trust love my Katie, then you will learn that i am trust worthy, for love for you, is all that flows through these veins of mine and we can be together, as one, for eternity, as i promised. 040723
emmi it was nice while it lasted 040825
aarvickiel it's bizarre when you find something you wrote and yet had forgotten about it and when you see it still can't recall the words but you know the name is yours 040825
.make it last he let me draw him naked tonight. his fears, hi insecurities, his flaws, he let them all go and sprinkled every one into the hand i held my charcoal in.

that's trust.

and i love him all the more for it.
camille a trait that is taught,
yet hard to grasp
djstar trust
such a fragile thing
so easily broken

I watched you put on panties
I'd never seen you wear before

I counted the condoms
in your secret drawer
just to realize
you probably didn't use one with him

I knew the whole time,
I just let you lie,
always out of my control

I called,
you never picked up

I trusted you,
but didn't

I gave you the power to hurt me,
I didn't think you'd abuse it.
brand works for a while but like everything else in the world it will be broken eventually 050220
jlymry327 trust that tomorrow i wont call you. I wont see if youre here. trust that i got what i wanted, i trust that this is clear. dont message me, dont search for me or wait. The name is gone, the day has passed theres nothing left to hate. Trust me. 050619
jmsond trust that tomorrow i wont call you. I wont see if youre here. trust that i got what i wanted, i trust that this is clear. dont message me, dont search for me or wait. The name is gone, the day has passed theres nothing left to hate. Trust me. 050619
Osho Buddha says: Be a light unto yourself. Don't believe in persons, don't believe in ideologies. And when you don't believe in any ideology, and you don't believe in any person, a great trust explodes, a trust in existence itself -- in the trees, in the rocks, in the people, in the stars, rivers, mountains, in all that is. Of course, the buddhas are part of it, but you don't believe in the Buddha particularly. You simply believe in existence. 061014
Syrope i don't know what i've done
or if i like what i've begun
but something told me to run
and honey, you know me
it's all or none

there were sounds in my head
little voices whispering
that i should go, and this should end
oh, and i found myself listening

'cause i don't know who i am,
who i am without you
all i know is that i should
and i don't know if i can stand
another hand upon you
all i know is that i should

'cause she will love you
more than i could
she who dares to
stand where i stood

see, i thought love was black and white
that it was wrong or it was right
but you ain't leavin' without a fight
and i think i am just as torn inside

'cause i don't know who i am
who i am without you
all i know is that i should
and i don't know if i can stand
another hand upon you
all i know is that i should

'cause she will love you
more than i could
she who dares to
stand where i stood

and i won't be far from where you are
if ever you should call
you meant more to me than anyone
i ever loved at all
but you taught me how to trust myself
and so i say to you
this is what i have to do

'cause i don't know who i am
who i am without you
all i know is that i should
and i don't know if i can stand
another hand upon you
all i know is that i should

'cause she will love you
more than i could
she who dares to
stand where i stood
she who dares to
stand where i stood

--missy higgins, where i stood
unhinged i've always had too much
but every now and then greatness happens
when you tell someone
show someone
just how dear they are to you

but more often than that
i find myself wondering
when someone will finally trust
in the love i need to be giving
In_Bloom I take the opportunity during your public excitement and beaming praises to tell you that you trust me.

Smiling, nodding and pulling me close, you say, "Yes".

It's a big thing to say out loud, not an easy thing to sell yourself on or anyone else.

Evolution is a beautiful experience.
fucked once too often hahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahahaahahhahaahahahahahahahahhahahaha 100112
no reason maybe i pick the wrong people to trust
i mean right to trust but wrong for me
In_Bloom I'm capable and I like to give it a go, often even though I get let down an awful lot. Something in me is still putting it out though, maybe something twisted and made stupid over time or else something divine and pure that hasn't been tapped?
Yeah, right.
FA113N One of the hardest things to do in this life. The free fall.

Trusting someone whose life you once ruined... that is so hard. Because deep down you know you'd deserve it if they broke you. So you're waiting for it, almost hoping for it because then at least your penance would be done. But of course you don't get to get off that easy. It is hard.

Trusting someone you love, trusting someone who doesn't love you... that is hard. To give someone your heart, and hope they don't crush it. To not instinctively curl yourself up in a ball, or put on your armour, or feign indifference. It is hard.

Trusting someone with the most important thing in your life. The only dream you have. Your one goal. The one thing you've focused seven years of you life on having. The thing you've build every single dream for your future around. It is hard.

And to do all of that... to trust all of that to one person?

It is nearly impossible.

Nearly, but not quite.
unhinged you never know until you ask 140404
Risen Turned out it is impossible

(I had a whole long post ready, but previous me said at least half of it.)
what's it to you?
who go