gaudior what's that sound?

fingernails on a chalkboard
a head-on collision
a screaming infant


or a broken heart calling out in despair?
deb i know the sound all too well

i hear it again and again
every time
they speak

'twould be so nice
to blot him out
to smudge him with ink
until he is as black
as he made me
that night
when he told me about
and how we weren't going to
get married
after all
Aaron heartbreak is when you don't know what you have until you've lost it. it's the loss of somone so dear and important that it rips your very being into shreds. manipulative torture of the self and a scar acrost your chest.

please email me. i'm so in need of somone to talk to. sheesh i'm desperate.
stan Aaron, this too shall pass, and besides, it's always darkest just before ........it goes pitch black! 000803
sondra is something that you can't say you've lived until you've experienced it. It happens to everybody at sometime, just hope something better comes from it. 010924
unhinged the sounds of ivet played out in a sober state while your eyes are conveying the message that you can not be ground on forever. those used to be my kisses if she was drunk enough. but i am there to listen to the dilemma; of course. the sounds of the issue falling on my ears while every word just wedges the blunt object deeper in and widens the crack. like the spreading of the mid atlantic ridge. silent but molten and bubbling. 010924
melvinwang then you die. either literally or metaphorically. 010924
Rhinna me. 011031
Sonya I know this feeling all too well. It's a weight upon my shoulders that I can't seem to put down or leave behind like some extra luggage. I often climb the mountain of risk and reach the peak of pure happiness only to go tumbling down the other side and land on my ass in heartbreak. It's a horrible feeling. It's like being dead inside. You know that feeling that trickles in your veins when you start to feel unimportant, unwanted, and expendable. It's that same feeling combined with sheer melancholy because you lost someone who you opened up to and trusted with all of your soul. You find yourself wondering what you did to end up feeling heartbreak, only to feel the pain even more. However, just like any other feeling heartbreak can and does subside over time. The only problem is that time is going eternally slow for me right now, and right now is the most crucial point in my life. At times I wish I never met him, let alone gave him my compassion or trust. It is unfortunate that when we feel heartbreak we start to believe that some people truly do not deserve the love that was given to them because we lose our sense of compassion. My heart will mend, but the scars will always remain there. Sadly I now have a rather ugly one with his name on it, and it's the deepest one. Heartbreak eats your spirit, and yet somehow you keep going. It's almost funny how no one notices your pain unless you scream to the world that you're hurting. It's amazing how many people can accept a bullshit smile without wondering if it's just masking heartbreak. I guess I learned something from him after all: the fine art of bullshiting. Heartbreak can infringe upon our dreams, but despite my current despair, I still think it is worth the risk. Those times when we have love within our frail grasps is when we are at our best. And without those best times in our lives, we lose our meaning. 011101
Casey Anyone have any duct tape? I think maybe I should move on and change my life style. 011107
piercedjenny i thought when you died that my world was over. my soul split in two, the only light was when i opened my eyes to the reminder that you would never be here again. then i closed them so you would be here to keep me company, and lived breathed listened to the heartbreak.

now i've realized that i am never alone and you will always be a part of me. only through the heartbreak and the tears did i become more complete.

without you, i will always be missing something, but because of you, my heart has mended and i am free to once again love.
shiva oh man. i am going to do so badly on this exam... 011212
birdmad goddamit hotel, goddamit 011213
jujube I am afraid that in the end,
I will only break his heart.
I'm not sure
I can't say
Whether I have the capacity
To really love him

Maybe I'll be wrong.

I really hate Vertical Horizon, but in this instance, I think it's appropriate to quote them.

He is everything you want
He is everything you need
He is everything inside of you that you wish you could be
He says all the right things
At exactly the right time
But he means nothing to you and you don't know why.
brandi heartbreak is.......
loving someone who will never love you back-twice! (especially after the second helped you conquer the weakness of the first).....
and not being able to let go of the ego that he would rather have someone who is a part of the group of people that you both "despise"
sad & depressed i now know what true heartbreak is , and what true stupidity is...for sum reason i thikn they go hand in hand most of the time 020712
*silent screams Your foots in the door of my life, breezes of pain chill my spine. Memories remind me what happieness is. I laid all my card out on the table, well u were bluffing. My mind no longer looks at u as reality, your a nightmare in the fantasies of my past that i can't seem to erase. I feel u in my soul, chipping away at my concrete walls. Am i really as naive as i used to be...can't i let u in like i once did? Can i walk into this blinded by happieness just to get attacked by pain? Alil sweet talk goes along way with me. I don't believe it becuase it's the truth, i believe it because it's exactly what i want to hear. Don't tell me how great things could be, i don't want to hear it becuase i don't want to believe it like i know i will. Your like an itch that just won't go away, too painful to be ignored, I can't not give in. I'm to weak to walk away. My image of u shatters as i remember all the pain. Your the reason i fear i'll never love agian. It's my fault for letting u do it over and over agian, but if it wasn't for u, i wouldn't know heartbreak... 021207
girlnamedlover holy_heartbreak_batman 021208
b re a k 021209
Syrope i don't want to be his first
but if i let this go on, i will be...
stork daddy you hear that sound? that's the sound of my little heart breaking. fools! it was nothing but sand slipping through fingers less firm than god's. 021209
Strideo I don't know what I'm supposed to talk to you about. I love you, but I hurt you over and over. I love you but I make you suffer. I want you to suffer, even though I love you.
. . . but . .
. . I hurt myself just as much.
megan Mr. We-Need-To-Talk is at it again. 030107
her royal highness the quirk maybe it's just the cynical bitchiness that's been hammered into me so many times before, but i think i might be headed for one. 040304
becca i only wanted to love a friend more dearly for the rest of my life, i had no idea it meant i'd lose the same one to silence within a few short months. 040411
naive artist I could see it coming from a mile away. Does that make me masochistic?
Or just overly optimistic?
Joseph When you feel that you can't recover or be the same person as you were before a heartbreaking event occurs. It means that you are lost and confused and mixed in with this is a longing for a lose. 050522
its a fact everybody forgets you
and you find yourself alone.
life becomes empty
and memories haunt you.

you begin to hate

that you may be lost.
Lemon_Soda I cried and cried and tore my cloths and burned myself and broke my stuff and yelled at people and beat the wall with my fists and yelled somemore...

Then I layed on my pile of blankets and pillows, up in the attic, in the cool forgiving dark, and was dead for almost a week...

Then I thought about all the things that made you so wonderful and I smiled...

Now I'm happy and I thank you. If I can do anything to help you be happy to, you just let me know...because thats whats important, and I'll never stop loving you.
stork daddy his life heartached him so furiously that in the end he most likely imagined some deus ex machina to make it all happy. he was always thinking irreverant and irrelevant things like that, which may explain why his life went so poorly. he probably imagined that after all of this suffering and loss he would wake up, in an alien civilization somewhere about to be sent back to earth. all of these trials had been just that, a testing for his fitness. you see, they were giving him super-powers. he would come back to earth stronger, able to turn invisible, able to make women orgasm on command. this is what he was probably imagining when he looked feebly up at her and said "i want to die" 050523
Tina Words and tears and fear and saddness and regret and pain and breath and screams and the tightness in the chest. the fear that u may once again just bump into him and have nothing to say. is he with someone else. do u have the right to care? what the fuck can we do? understand, underestimate, overcompensate? cry, love, hate, relationship. Fear. The glue that holds it all together. I said goodbye to him today. Once and for all. Goodbye the eyes that hold my gaze, the hands that hold my heart. Goodbye and good riddance. Heartbreak...its a bitch. LIKE A LOT 051010
*Amy* I died the day we finished. I`m not here anymore, I walk in the streets without thinking, I hear without listening, I hug without feel, I don`t feel anymore, it only exists this pain and emptyness you left in me 051010
grendel Finally, i came to the conclusion that the only way to prevent this was to never leave it unguarded or trust it to careless hands again 060130
yvette please. i need you. 060716
unhinged heartache

Magnolia I never learned how to act, so I sat in the audience. I sat and watched the edited version. What a fool I was to think that they would let me behind the scenes. 060904
falling_alone i'm begging for it
falling in love with someone met drunk
dreaming of their touch
hearing voices just say hello
who is he?
other i started a playlist
of songs
that made me feel
like my heart
was melting..

after the 26th song
i realized
that maybe
it wasn't
the music.
sayeth other add this one to your playlist eve6 - heart in a blender 100306
unhinged i have several playlists for crying/wallowing purposes

ray_lamontagne has his very own 'make me cry' playlist. that sexy gravelly voice does it to me everytime.
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