Rachelle Life is like running a mile.
As compared, a lot of things are like running a mile.
Some regard it with dread, some with resolve for success, some without any unease for the oncoming task. Yet despite whatever outlook one associates with the mile, the starting line remains on the track, waiting. It is marking of the departure and the arrival, the place where all are alike, a spot where the future is untainted.
The stopwatch lies in the hands of an unknown. The unknown activates the timer when it sees fit.
The mile begins.
rhuube Miles bring me closer to friends,
than logbooks ever can.
Miles make me see the ends,
miles make a scrawny kid a man.

They take the wind from runners sails
and in decline bring back-
for a race in which a man prevails,
miles are the whip that cracks.

Every day I taste the air
that from miles away came
from you to my own longing stare
and made our breath the same.

Miles measure the distance
that I blow a westward kiss
at every blooming instance
that my love do I miss.

I dream in miles and write them now
but Frost has more to go
and now I sit and wonder how
logged miles lose their glow.
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birdmad roughly a thousand, feels like a million 030619
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