jennifer the ground was graced tonight
as I drove home
wondering what the world looked like
without headlights
I noticed stars scattered along the grass
and I cried

I have such emotions now
and they are for one person
only one
but I don't know how she feels
and I wish I did

but the frost tonight
tore back some part of me
keeping me here
and for once
I wanted to just drive...
marq my kitty is white
she's a very docile kitty
actually she's not mine
she's my husband's
but we share her
just like we share everything else
we share the grief
we share the pain
we share the embarrassment
we share the humiliation
we share the criticism
we share the life we have
we share the love we have
we share the love we have together
we share the bed
although sometimes I'm pushed off at night
then frost
my kitty
OUR kitty
comes and sleeps with us
she doesn't care about our lives
she doesn't care about us being gay
she just wants to be held
she just wants to be loved
she just wants us to cuddle her
so we cuddle together
just the three of us
ClairE I like to step on it and make it go crunch. Like biting into a cold chocolate bar. 020208
jayseehc I wish I were a poet.
I wish I were an artist.
I wish I were a lover.
I wish I could sing.
I wish I were beautiful.
I wish I were a rose covered in frost.

I wish...
what's it to you?
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