nullspace hidden by smog :( 990915
Quintessensual and when he shall die, they shall cut him out
into little stars that shall light the night
so they need not worship the garish sun

Juliet, on Romeo
deb perhaps i knew what today would hold
and that's why there are
stars upon my fingers
casting light within my eyes
gaudior just a little drop of light to see by.

just a blazing ball of energy millions of miles away.

and yet...

if only...

i could catch one in my palm
so i would never be afraid again
just my own little drop of blazing energy
to guide me along my chosen path
no matter how dark the road
or how it twists and turns
always and forever
my own ball of light forever watching over me
nullspace someone showed me where my constellation
is in the sky recently...taurus
i had never seen it...pretty cool
camille portholes in which you can see the other side, through the blanket of night

the twinkle in your eyes
oodles "Some people think that stars are balls of fiery gas flying through space at the speed of light, but sometimes I think that maybe stars are just god's salt...and he's just waiting to eat us." -or something like that 000127
Q No ocean can hide from the Moon or the stars. 000127
BoofPixie they eat and eat and eat and eat and by the time you tell them hello, they're dead. 000308
amy in between stations i can hear
a million possibilities
it's only the singing of the stars

i am also still listening. for a click-click, which i haven't heard yet. or a whush.
MollyCule you tell me that one day you'll be a star 000515
skiblu I love the stars 000724
Reggie And in the middle of a summer night, the stars can teach you why growing up is all about letting go. Then i can accept the fact ehy i'll never get the chance to kiss your clavicle on a rainy saturday morning 000727
Kevin Love and rhinestones
muscles and nipplerings
laughter in the dark
and left alone with the memory
tourist In truth every atom in our bodies,in this world we walk through and breathe in, was forged in the hearts of long dead stars. 001030
kate I knew the window was yours,
sitting over a dark garage,
behind that van.

I stood in your yard
watching light pour from your room
it was late, the town asleep
just you and me still waiting.

rocks thrown,
eyes glancing,
heart beats.
you calming me with your voice.

only in dreams do i show up,
trying to confuse you.
babybat come sparkle in the stars with me
then all of these little things that we worry about won't matter
we'll both get the present we've wanted for so long
i want to fly away with you
and not have to worry about what i leave behind
just you
cradle me and take care of me like there's no other
i want to know what the stars hold for us
i want to know why they're making it so hard
but maybe if we fly away, just for a little bit, everything will fall into place.
kx21 Life is a Concerto of SHITs and STARs,

where Success in Life is a beautiful melody from SHIT to STAR and
Failure in Life is a bitter tune from STAR to SHIT...

Extracted from

The_Theory_of_Everything, 060201

Copyright 2001.
Morelen Myself, and my friend Taylor, figured out what stars sounds like.....stars are that noise little toy pianos make when they hit the high notes in emo songs.....I can't really's just something you have to hear.... 010208
kx21 It is easier to create or generate shit(s) from STARs and it is more difficult to create or generate star(s) from SHITs... 010208
lizard do i dare trust you with my hopes - my very self? 010217
Laura every bright memory is a star, my heart the catcher, all my thoughts once glowing are now dull next to yours 010317
sapphire_ are rarely seen novas of the night

and mysteries behind shrouded veils of enigma and chaos

stars. emblems of hope and symbols of souls

great balls of flame that sing ancient melodies.

stars. what i look up to when i think of you.
imitator gazing up at
countless stars
in a dark night sky
makes me long for
that elusive more;
stars call to
something in
my soul, gifting
joy, imparting
wonder, showing me
more of their maker
and oh
how I long for that
silentbob she thinks she missed the train to mars
shes out back counting stars

Casey As I sit on the brown dead grass on top of the hill I sit and stare at the stars. I point out to myself the different constlations taught to me by my 6th grade teacher who always fell asleep.

So as I lie on my back and gaze, I wish. I wish that I could be on any one of those stars, just as long as I didn't have to be here.

Then I turn and see her walk up my dead hill. With a smile in her eye and barets in her hair she can only sit beside me and pet my ruffled brown hair.
fardreams once i took a picture of the stars and photo copied it and taped one above my bed. im not the kind of person for conryness but i gave the other copy to my friend and told her to tape it above her bed and that when ever she felt lonly or sad at night she could look at it and know that i was actually looking at it for real, unlike they do in the movies. i hope ot worked 010427
Lucien Wow..... 010428
fardreams ???how so??? 010429
Shugarhi The stars crumble and fall upon me...

Their breathing is faltering as they die...
alkalinepixie look up at the stars tonite, guess which one i wished upon. 010522
sweetheart of the song tra bong His heart beat faster and faster as Daisy's white face came up to his own. He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God. So he waited, listening for a moment longer to the tuning fork that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her. At his lips' touch she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete.

F. Scott Fitzgerald.
forever I watch them and let the tears roll down my face. That bright one that is there. that one that always seems a little brighter. That is my grandmother and grandfather telling me that everythign will be fine and telling me not to worry and to put all my pain on them 010613
birdmad i cannot always see very many through all of this haze and light pollution

but sometimes the madness overtakes me and i can hear their radio-static hymn inside my head.


days like this.
these dreams.

waiting for the night.
cali j Beautiful...Wonderment. When its late and the noise has subsided she gazes at them like a child. Someday I'll buy a trip to the moon. 010613
kx21 The Mother of Shit(s)... 010613
kx21 Something good... 010718
Joanne At 2 a.m.
We lay outside under the stars, under the sky, under the flagpole, over the cold, wet grass.
Weapon X I love the stars. Without them, I don't think I could survive. I was shown a long time ago by someone very dear to me that the stars represent hope, because as long as there was a star in the sky, then there's a chance that someone out there is looking at the same star and thinking of you. It's that chance that represents the hope...the hope I have to love and the hope I have for all of us to find happiness somewhere. Whether it be in the satisfaction of life's work, in love, or in reading the ramblings of some insane kid in front of his computer, happiness is ever so attainable. Hmmm, what do you know? I think I wrote something that's actually positive. That's new. 010910
starsinmyeyes there's stars in my eyes
can you see them too? i wonder why i have always to see these sparkles that make me so sad and so happy and so completely alone do you have stars so you cant see the real world anymore, just those stardusty dreams...
starchild my haven

a dusting of heaven on a palette of black


ancient myths and mariners

my sanctuary
ilovepatsajak there are so many beautiful things on this page, i'm not even going to try. 011004
girl_jane spinning circles until we had the stars pulled from their strings in the sky and wrapped around our bodies. 020207
jackie "octopus" mc cracken shuriken throwing secretaries stabbed me in my left ass cheek

i sent them skydiving (this being some time after the strange figure who looked rather like a cat turned them into rabbits...said that now, more than ever they were not my fathers oldsmobile)
blown cherry They are the only thing of any true beauty. True beauty that we stupid humans cannot taint, only cover up with our spotlights and flashing neon signs.
They save me when there is no where else left to turn, which is all too often I fear.
adelaide i looked out the window and noticed that the bright, warm rays of the summer sun had long since shed their light on my backyard. the flickering of the last lightening bugs... the ones daring enough to venture out into the black night air after the sun had set... they were beckoning me. I was barefoot, but that didnt matter, becuase summer was a time when there was no need for shoes... when sweating was inevitable... and when the faint tune of the ice cream truck could be heard around the block each night... though it always seemed to be at supper time. i headed outside. the cool summer breeze blowing far off scents of ocean to my nostrils made everything seem perfect. turning my attention upward, my eyes met with the glittering of thousands of stars that illuminated the sky creating a scerene, silent lullaby. my gaze fixated on the brightest star i could see... surely a star so bright would hold the powers to make any wish come true... but that was typical, wasn't it? everyone wishes on the brightest star... perhaps it is worn out like a tired pair of socks worn so thin that one shouldn't even bother taking up drawer space with their feeble, woven threads. my eyes moved a little to the left... they moved to a quaint little star... which was not really quaint at all. its greatness was simply diminished by that of the glorious star it was forced to lie next to for eternity. it was on my not-so-quaint little star that i poured my heart and soul out to each night. i would express my longings, make my wishes, share my thoughts and dreams. my star was like prayer, though i didnt really realize it at the time. it just gave me a place in the universe that was all mine... an imaginary world in which all my wishes came true... a world of flowers without pollen, butterflies that didnt die, bumblebees without stingers, breathing without air... sometimes, when i reach a tough spot... when i feel like i cant go on anymore... when i think that life has inevitably changed for the worse, i look up at my star and my perfect world comes joyously tumbling back at me. oh how i love those summer nights. 020311
reenz stars are lost souls..... 020311

hey man, now what would be so wrong
if we lose our skin and we have no face
and the sins have ended...

and the electric light that screams
through your mind can be magnified
untill the end of time...

untill the end of time...

this is my heaven... -God,
please don't take them away (chorus)

take their hearts and souls and
break their bones hand them sand

constellations in the sky
never change, wonder why?

this is my heaven... -God,
please don't take that away (chorus)

All this fiction caught in time
wrapped in motion tied in rhyme

crucifiction spiraled in
washed away all those sins

seperation from this love
holds us down makes us mud

God, please don't take them away

stuck in space staring down
eternally facing the past and ground

magick disease spiral star kills
sent to mesmerize and break your will

echos of eternity radioheading
into the void
hold your head up
damn it! make your own noise!
gb kiss and so the star came blazing from somewhere up, giving the whitest light ever... but no, no wish at all, no one seemed to notice or care... no heart desire? 020628
jg on your elbows-elbows that are part of your arms that will never be around me-i wish they were 020707
gbkiss elbows to wish upon? lucky elbow owner I suppose 020708
kerry cut me out in little stars
so all the world will be in love with night
and forget the garrish sun
wish~ human life, in it's earliest and least complicated form, derived from the dust of stars... -whitney otto 021031
tsunamisunrise someone please polish the stars
make the glisten, make them shine
someone please, take the time

brighten my world
sister Stars, in your multitudes. Scarce to be counted...filling the darkness with order and light 021231
brother I know of two stars that are pupils of can have the rest
somewhatchanged sowieso....the most important to know is
to forget the most important thing you
know...or you'll get it all wrong and
hurt people....i thought the stars were throwing rocks at me...but it was love..
mm are projectors, yeah
projecting our lives onto this planet earth
scuzz Untouchable, unreal, irrelevent to my tangable world. Like Hollywood stars; I only see one side of their light. We never inhale the gas of stars thanks to the distance between us. Come to think of it, no one looks at the stars and cares enough. I only used to. 021231
delial i think the stars are in love with the moon & the ones that fall..well..

I think they were rejected.

because we all know who the moon
is in love with.

el sol

the brightest star of them all.
Eowithien Only from the best places on Earth can they be viewed in their amzing entirety. 030220
megan all the people in my life who have meant soemthing to me
rachel - for finding my faith again.
hayley - for giving me hope.
holden - for showing me love does exist
lindsay - for making me realize things change.
for many more, countless, nameless stars, who make my world, our world what it is. i love you.
je5icafletcher inside my wings 030228
tricky i feel like a star. it's not necessarily a good thing. yes, they're beautiful. yes, everyone knows they're there. but don't you think they get bored? i feel so distant from everything. something must be wrong with me. stars are so perfect. am i perfect? everyone seems to think so. but i'm not. definitely not. i am untouchable. nobody has any affect on me. i feel so distant and alone. not bad, not good. just bored. uninterested. bright and cheery. but not good. 030409
niska you are my raison d'etre

with you
we're not speaking
like we just met
but i've known you forever

you've just fallen asleep.
i'm just waking.

and your lips on my forehead remind me i need you breathing beside me to stay alive.
Bizzar Theyve got nothing on you... 030602
Flowers from Safeway Oh sweep of stars over harlem streets
Oh little breath of oblivion that is night
A city building to a mother's song
A city dreaming to a lullaby
Reach out your hand, dark boy, and take a star
Out of the little breath of oblivion that is night take just one star
-by Langston Hughes
Lia Elves singing in starlight. Varda sings to me, to all elves and men when I see the stars. Earendil travels in one with the Silmaril. Stars are symbols of beauty, of love.

*Twinkle *twinkle*

Bright and hot on their surface, but so cool and beautiful to look upon from afar. I wish I had some to put in my hair; they'd be brighter than diamonds.

Why is the sun taking so long to set???
User24 twinkle twinkle little bat
how I wonder what you're at
up above the world so high
like a tea tray in the sky
twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle

spike milligan, methinks.
shorlove don't even work for bedouins in the deserts but mobile phones. 030619
me Ten Million Stars Inside each raindrop swims the sun. Inside each flower breathes the moon. Inside me dwell ten million stars... Ten million different stars am I, But only one spirit, connecting all. From Spirit Walker by Nancy Wood May 030627
"it's 3 o' clock, we're driving in your car
you're screaming out the window at the stars:

'please don't drive me home,'"
xXShadow_GoddessXx When you are down on faith, and have fallen deeply into the shadows, and when you feel you are all alone...look to the stars and they will comfort you. 030703
crushed wrists Exert from one of my stories:

Happiness.. A word that is used without anyone knowing what it’s like to be happy. I once looked up happinessmeaning, to see if that’s what I was. Just like I figured, I wasn’t, I never had been truly happy in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, there’s too much good in the world for me to be putting it down. Just look at the stars. Have you ever seen anything quite so gorgeous? It’s so eccentric to have something as dark as the night sky have something so dazzling in it. An infinite number of lost souls cover and watch the world as we sleep. Ironic, isn’t it? I stay up at night to watch the stars watch me. Scary how stars are the only things that truly feel for everyone. A star will fall from the sky, fall out of it trying to get back on earth where it should be, where it wants to be. It’s sad how some stars aren’t happy where they are. I wish I was a star.. It’s impossible to hate something so beautiful.
DelilAH I watch the stars as they fall from the sky
I held a fallen star and it wept for my, dying
I feel the fallen stars encircle me....
Now as they cry....
It won't be alright,
Despite what they say,
Just watch the stars go out as they...
they disappear, disentegrate,
and I...disentegrate
Cause this hate is fucking real,
and I hope to shade the world,
as stars go out, and I disentegrate
djStar I love stars. I'm even nicknamed after them..DjStar. Yeah.. I was in a relationship where I was the star and she was the moon and when we broke up, I got my first tattoo of a star on my hip and i love the thing to death. I want to cover my body in stars now.. 040123
Twilight *love* Every wish of your soul, begging. you want it so bad that it shines. when wishes come true they explode, but how often have you seen a supernova? no, but their they're pretty to look at.

how does it feel to wish on wishes? so infinite that they are uncountable! but to know that only once in a blue moon...

mmmm indescribable wonder, the stars.
white_wave it doesn't matter about the stars in my eyes or the star barrettes i wear in my hair or the star i named after you.

I'm still confused.....
Eowithien I want to go out walking at midnight just to see them, but I know that I never could.

Oh if only my camera could reach that far and remind me everyday of what they look like.
zanna the stars are projectors, yea,
projectin our life down to this planet earth.
the stars are projectors, yea,
projectin our minds down to this planet earth.
nemo billy_mckinney died. i was driving over to his house, to sit in his room one last time, and i was listening to the moon and antartica, on random, in my cd player and the stars are projecters came on as soon as i pulled on his street. this meant nothing until his mom told me that she had a star named after him... i lelft promply and went out to see him... billy i cried for you that day. 040323
pete the eyes of the worlds, the seat of the gods. there in the north star does the creator sit, only the creator created earth from heaven, but the way created heaven and earth, and from heaven and earth came the myrad of existance, each represented by a star, shining alone in the embraces of their friends. so silently smiling and frowning at once, shedding their light like a crystal. 040324
emmi "when he shall die take him
and cut him out in little stars
and he will make the face of heaven so fine
that all the world will be in love with night"
wonderful a star is not something to own, it is something to give or share. Like a hug or a smile :). My friend gives me a hug. I give him a Star. 040601
jac and of course, my desire to live here is thinner than paper.
and if i could just stay still long enough, i could trick the stars into shooting us.
and i think that blood red glitter look would be quite beautiful in that tragic sort of way.
::dbk:: I don't want to say that I wasted my days chasing instead of catching, keeping. Wasting wishes on copper and stars. I'm wanting you to save me and I'm not only asking. Because I can Face this falling, it's just the taking that fell. I'm breaking down. 040907
ofsuch volunteered there tonight for 2.5 hours

is on my wrist in a red form

i love my star
ofsuch she thinks she missed the train to mars, she's out back counting stars
she's not at work, she's not at school
she's not in bed, i think i finally broke her
i bring her home everything i want, nothing that she needs
i thought she'd be there holding daisies, she always waits for me
she thinks she missed the train to mars, she's out back counting stars
i found her out back sitting naked looking up and looking dead
a crumpled yellow piece of paper, seven nines and tens
i thought she'd be there holding daisies, she always waits for me
she thinks she missed the train to mars, she's out back counting stars
i thought you'd be there holding daisies, you always wait for me
she thinks she missed the train to mars, she's out back counting stars

kelsey I want to take a star and hold it to my chest, letting it melt into me, and my insides will be a little lighter, a little happier, a little more like the fake outside people see of me. 041008
celestias shadow don't you think estrellas are just as beautiful? 041114
andrsmora Hung out my phone while
I looked up to the skies.
I just took a ride inside
through this windy night.

I wonder what to do while
I looked up to the stars.
I suddenly sigh and smile
'cause they know my fears.

I thank to the moon that shine
for all these lonely souls.
I thank to you for shining
and share your dreams along.

I wonder what to do while
I looked up to the stars.
I suddenly sigh and smile
'cause they know my fantasies.

I thank to the moon that shine
for all these lonely souls.
I thank to you for lightning
We share our dreams along.

I thank to the moon that shine
for your charming soul.
I thank to you for lightning
and met my life and soul.
birdmad - with their gravity pulled me closer

and burned me in a flash.
furiana fear and beauty: stars 050708
rage the day after the car crash, tired and in shock, i was sung to by a stranger, busking downtown while i was sitting on the street. it was beautiful. he is one of my stars. 051129
flowerbed on a cloud Planets and stars...don't you just simply want to disappear in them....?

Ahh, the universe; such a quaint little place of mind.
mp21k How do stars form? 051221
From "Shit" - clouds of gas, ions ... 051221
(0v0) intelligent_design? 051221
(0v0) intelligent_design? 051221
1) Top-down process: Gravitational collapse 051221
2) Bottom-up process: Competitive accretion 051221
3) 1) + 2)... 051221
123 Quantum_entanglement around_and_across SHIT 051221
?x Bush_and_Saddam_shared_a_common_ancestor_'w_proof' 051221
rage he called me stargirl. i fucked_up_again. said he missed me. he loved our spontaneity. i fucked_up_again. he knows how to get me. fuck. 060123
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