Q starlight is something else from the South Pole 000209
quixoticstars star bright, first star i see tonight, i wish i may, i wish i might, have this wish i wish tonight.

"star, my mommy hurts me. i know it's because i've been such a bad girl and i deserve it, but i don't like it. please bring my daddy back. i didn't mean to make him leave. i'm sorry i was such a bad girl and if you bring him back, i'll never do anything bad again. i wish for my daddy back..."
mika Silver blanket that entwines me
hold me safe and dance along my imagination
leave me dreaming with a smile
birdmad and roses,

a moment in the silence

a moment lost
emily a moment that got lost as i lay on my back staring at the night sky,
at the billions of tiny, twinkling lights above my head,
i actually forgot everything,
but only for a moment
gregg i was on a plane coming back to the states and it was the blackest blue in the sky and i looked down at the patches of city lights and i imagined i was in a ship travelling through aeons of space and the city lights were actually the galaxies and such that one would see travelling the expanse of space.... 000519
unhinged "by starlight i'll kiss you and promise to be your one and only" 010202
or should I change Starlight. An ancient deity who dead cultures worshiped. But the older battle of the sky still rages, and the dark coulds who block out their sweet lights. Jealous clouds thunder in their own attempt at luminescence. Blowing winds wind down from tthe heavens. A storm of fallen rose petals blow about devout feet. 021014
michael "meehall" maloney light from stars made of dust
from creatures living long ago
we live of the dust of other's lives
we see by the light form from their death dust
we breath atoms of their dead life
we will someday be the breath of
distant life yet formed
yet imagined
meehall we see by the light born of their death dust
i live of other past lives
... saw a shower of starlight last night
thought of a friend, her personality
she thinks like a shower of meteorites
all falling at once
a mind shower . . .
pd slow dancing in the shadows, dappled by starlight..close enough to feel heartbeat and eyelash on cheek, skin melting into one.

imagination is so much more potent than life will ever be (god i hope that's a lie)
what's it to you?
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