altoidman a stone, a foundation for a new beginning...

to stop, or be witheld from finishing that which was once begun...
kittykatoatmeal Begin, grow, and end. Building blocks.


Great things - pyramids.

A momentary halt to one's progress. Makes one strong. Overcome the block, blocks are manmade.
Yeyui A block carved from a stone. Bland order imposed on the beauteous chaos of the natural world. Man may impose order chaos, but only God can create chaos.

So which is greater: the block or the mountain?
tylerdurden3384 What we do in life echoes in eternity.

Its not how hard you push allong the way its having something in you to finish.
NoOnesAngel7 Something dropped in our path as we travel down the road of life. It challenges us to be better in order to pass it by. 011014
tylerdurden3384 A block something that keeps pushing you allong your path, its an internal feeling, but also it is called motivation 011015
black hunter See the smoke cloud
enough to block the rain
As I stand bowed
by the weight of the pain
altoidman1 Behold! A block!

It is in my way.

Of what is it made?

can it be sidestepped?




Pushed aside?

NO! For it is a botheration

This block must be pushed along the path until it is worn thin enough to be trampled upon with ease.

It is in this WAY which we shall find the root of the block, understand it and overcome it to the seeminbgly distant but meaninful triumph over all of the blocks which disallow our beings of a readily carefree life.

block nothing gives
it seems
people just
lead you down the wrong road
what for
i don't know?
what's it to you?
who go