Quintessensual HE: Unbelievable! Nobody has done anything on "road"!

SHE: You mean "in the road," right? What do you expect? It's 20 below.

HE: No, remember we were talking about "bed" the other day, that nobody had blathed on "bed," even though "sex" seemed to be one of the most blathed about words? You told me to check "road" instead. So I did, just now. Nothing. Nichts. Zip. People must be so focused on sex qua sex that they forget you gotta do it someplace besides suspended in midair.

SHE: "Sex qua sex"? When did you learn Latin, my dear Doctor Mindovermatter? I dare say nobody has ever focused on "sex qua sex." Not in the entire histories of the monkey and human races. Doc, when sex is on folk's minds, they are not trying to remember what "qua" means. Wanna know what they are thinking about?

HE: Being suspended in midair?

SHE: You gotta point there. But I suggest you check out more places. You seem to like blathing more than being with me, and you know my only purpose for being is to make you happy.

HE: Really?

SHE: Yeah. So check out "on the floor." How about "in the hay"? How about "against a wall"? Of a moving elevator, if you need another example. In a hot tub, shower, bath, swimming pool, lake, ocean, on a surf board. Check 'em all out, Doc! Research on blather makes you so happy. I groove on just thinking about your doing it. A car seat? The boss' desktop? A hammock? Trampoline? In a deer stand, heated of course? Ice-fishing shanty? Yes!! Picnic table? Kitchen table, for godsakes? Bar? Ping-pong table? Need I go on, Doc? Just do it!

HE: Bar?

SHE: Yeah, you know, where you sit to have drinks?

HE: Interesting. So what's your point?

SHE: When people have doing it on their minds, where to do it is not an issue.
Any place without broken glass that is not freezing cold will do it for 'em.

HE: You mean "will be okay for them to do it on"?

SHE: Yes, Doc! Where the heck is your mind now? Are you paying attention to anything I'm saying?

HE: Sorry, Dear, I'm just trying to pay attention to "in the road."

SHE: Sure. I'm going to take the elevator to the bar.

HE: Sounds good. I'll come along with you.

SHE: That'll be the day!

Copr. 1999
futility An incredible possiblity exists in a journey not yet made on a stretch of open highway where the future lies in the vanishing point and everything converges on a single spot. 011013
unhinged just keep the car on the roe-ad man 011117
zenfishsticks all i ever wanted
was the road
smooth & unending
like a midday dream
and devil-blue skies
with nomad clouds
we race each other
time loses meaning

the only time we don't fight is when i'm driving and you're in the passenger seat.
or vice versa.
ilovepatsajak passing through unconcious states
when i awoke i was on
the high
ilovepatsajak it matches with the yellow dotted lines 020108
baaaack jesse has been gone for a while now... 020401
blaber mouth Here i go again back the way i came but far from where i was 020706
Jackie McCracken "Bosco lay down,lay down"!!!! 030605
finite i'm weary.
let me rest.
redthewitch follow the road
that twists and turns
among the trees
decked in Autumn leaves
endless desire i gave death_of_a_rose the name "road"--i don't know exactly why. i think i just threw some vowels down and it worked. 061026
are the one that the wizard will burn to be me you must be the first of a thousand names, i am saint mathias, i will write you your book anew 090507
what's it to you?
who go