Sage of the Halo this will probably piss off a bunch of vegitarians and vegans, but i had to start this post. deer meat is delicious!!!!! probably some of the best food i've had. especially these homemade deer burgers my grandma sent me back to school with. a few other favorites: deer jerkey and deer steaks. i tell ya, that's some good eatins. 040315
her royal highness the quirk stupid rejects who like deer meat. sheesh. nah i'm kidding. deer jerky's good :-) 040317
I AM SOMEONE I saw a deer by the road side...It had been shot. I told grampa about it.
I had some soup that night. And I found a piece of lead in my soup...
emmi it was that joke about the family having dinner and the mother says ok kids, guess what this is, i'll give you a hint- it's something i call your daddy sometimes....and the little girl screams to her brother...spit it out! it's asshole!!

ahahhahahhahh ha ha ah a ha.
minnesota_chris could also call him a chicken, a turkey, pork (wouldn't that sound good!)

"I love you, sweetie."
"I love you too, pork."
story of eau besotted devotion.
stupid, dear.
running stag.
nom i hate walking sometimes
it's horrifying
Seraphmodel.02 Don't let my dad shoot the deer from our high pirch in the dim morning (or evening, i can't remember). 070228
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