splinken "go to hell! i hate your guts! step left or get punched in the face!"

splinken maybe i don't give anyone a fair chance. i'm hyper-aware of roles, poses, archetypes, etc., and i always seem to be playing off of them to get what i want.

gender is a very basic tool in this respect, like a hammer. maybe a screwdriver.

the most basic way to use gender to one's advantage is the mixing and matching of culturally universal, agreed-upon gender qualities.

my favorite game is acting very girly, then throwing something extremely boyish into my mannerisms. or vice versa.
kitten on drugs he calls me sweetie sometimes 001121
Aimee I call him sweetheart, sweetie, dear, lovey, and all he calls me is Scully... 010528
TalviFatin aint that the shits. 011107
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