Quintessensual Yesterday I blathed at length on "girlish". That was too spontaneous a reaction to the scene at Howth Castle and Environs. They struck me so when I first saw them. I've thought about it for nearly a day now. It does stick with you, you know. Now I realize though that the blathe on "girlish" would better have been entitled "boyish." So consider it boyish from now. 991128
amy the soliloquy at the end of Ulysses is also on the boyish side, in my opinion. 000305
amy which does not take away from its charm. 000305
tourist There was a girl named Sarah I once knew that was a rather a tomboy, narrow hips small breasts loved the outdoors hiking swimming naked in the streams and lakes around Mt.Desert Isle Maine. I liked her a lot but even though we made love together alone and with freinds, I knew we were never going to be an "item" . She was too free and I was too non-commital. But I still think about her now and again. I wonder where she is now, Not that I would leave my wife or have an affair, But just hoping she is well and happy. 001129
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