silentbob a scene is a punk community in any location. like "The St. Louis Punk Scene" is made up by the punk individuals in that city, the bands in that area etc.
some people say "the scene is dead"

obviously it isn't, cuz whether you consider them "punk" or not, they still are a community in every location, it still is a scene being kept alive. however thriving it might be.
zentist something too small 010213
phil WSeeing as I'm the only major masculine femimine on the scene. 030211
silentbob fuck the scene 030211
chiselmouth tight pants, tighter shirt (never without a graphic), eccentric haircut (post-emo preferable), a mind dedicated to the memorization of obscure band names, social elitism, overuse of the word "amazing", underuse of the word "chill", constantly mindful of the social hierarchy existent within "the scene". 070505
misstree "i'm looking forward to our scene."

it makes it sound like something done in poor-lit dusty dungeons, one begging to be debased, one barking and dehumanizing...

what has me heavy with anticipation is related only through thick red threads. a flashing crashing bar full of friends and lovely strangers, one side overtaken by us engaging eachother's flesh, and i, off in a corner, chest sterile and draped, grinning and twirling my foot as a needle enters and exits, again and again, spelling out a word, a name, intimate and loving laughter, and afterwards bouncing up, howling with joy late into the night.

scene implies acting... in that place, i and others are ourselves amplified, not outside of it... celebrated and sharing, rather than debased and domineering... we are sensates, and while we swim in the same seas as those who seek power or powerlessness, we are in fullness, and seek only More.
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