me? the weather vane was pointing eastward
when we heard the sound
of rolling thunder underneath the shed above the ground
the gentle breezes long ago had given way to rain
when moving in between the clouds we saw a shaking plane
as we looked up and stood upon the field that we had plowed
it seemed to stop and strangulate upon the darkest cloud
it made a graceful arching dive into a field of grass
yesterday we found a purse today we found some glass
amy toyota breaking wave

(three_words, random)
jippy no-that was yesterday 000121
gwyllynne your sweat soaked body crashing into me as we dance in the fire that is my passion 000713
Miniatus I rise out of the firery pits...flying through emerald skies filled with honeysuckle...I breath the existance of life and know what is...I soar, mounting -crashing-now I am falling...feeling the sting of all that was...I am misery...the brath of life laughs at me and pummels downward through my soul-crash 000713
dead Crashing is when they take away your precious Prozac and Paxil. You are drowning. Dying. They beat you down, take away your hope. They take away any chance for survival. You crash. You die. 011116
unhinged i've been trying to figure out what it is these days that keeps me this way. i think i may have finally realized that my childhood has dissolved around me and the only thing that is left is reality. he stopped talking to me when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant for some reason or another, i'm not sure if those actually coincide. but regardless, it kind of made me feel like i was reduced to a distraction. i guess he's got julie wrapped around his little finger or so goes the buzz these days. they say not to trust the buzz but there is always a small kernel of truth somewhere in the rumor. he's thinking about moving out to california with his dad, which i really don't think is going to help him any. he just wants to run where his fucked up perception still exists. i wish the poor kid could get some help. but he is right in saying he needs to relearn some social skills. at least he recognizes that. i hung out with her for the first time in a month and i don't think i'm going to go again anytime soon. i used to be so in love with her; she was probably the last one. now after six months of hoping she would figure out what her sexuality was, she has and it will have nothing to do with me ever again. wes really is a nice funny guy. can't have anything against the kid. i guess it's just my heart has betrayed me one too many times. it's a friday night and once again i am sitting here alone in the dark. which is partially my fault because i refuse to call people looking for something to do. i refuse to be the annoying tag-a-long. and sam is gone...i don't think i can ever go see ivet again. i listen to their cds and i feel like i am listening to history the same way i feel when i listen to sublime and know that i'm never going to hear them live because bradley is dead. sam leaving took away the last vestiges of my childhood. those were probably the last completely childish attachments i ever made and now they are shattered. i guess y_town gets us all in the end. 011116
ilovepatsajak i can go out
and not even leave the house
a t.v. set and a bottle of wine
crashing out on that old pull-out couch
watching saturday night live
uow i feel like i'm in a spppeeeeding truck 040917
nom in walls crunching 051206
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