Q This came with some kiss.
That went for top hat.
They fell in to play.
Those flew with no clothes.
red grange i have pants like those. that fan feels good. feel it? my back. my lower back... 001016
omiz these are the people i like
those are the people i don't know
pat sajaks ghost yeh, me too 001219
Chrity go to:
sykoze chocolate chip cooie dough ice cream is yummy yum in my bummy bum 010718
Devious1 wicked webs we weave when we choose to deceive 011028
RedArmageddon mean yes when hell means no
i can entirely her only love
do you have words?
oh, those
Whitechocolatewalrus Those things you say make me sad but I have nothing to say in return. I almost love you except I don't believe in love. Those things you do, oh wait, those things I do, oh wait. Those stars are looking awfully lovely tonight, don't you think? 031106
i like purple dem and dose dat dats what goes 051226
what's it to you?
who go