v. The difference between doing and knowing.
setsuna meiou choose...

a conscious action
understanding all consequences
and not caring who thinks what
marjorie you and me
a mystery
and choosing
will make history.
Bitter What if I choose not to forgive and forget? What if I choose to keep reaching for excuses? What if I choose to sleep alone? 010625
Casey hmmmm, cottege cheese or captain crunch 010625
lost You don't have to choose.
If you make the decision and it turns out to be the wrong one then you get pinned with the blame
All you have to do to avoid this is send the decision down the echelon until it finds it's way to a small clerk boy with no knowledge or expertise at all who can make the decision for you and send his reply back all neat and official so either way, good or bad, that no-body gets the blame.
I see it happen all the time.
Scary isn't it? CONSTANT VIGILANGE!!! is what today's society is lacking, you have to be aware of these thing and always be on the look-out in case one heads your way. You have been warned. - Lost
tha quota you get whatever you choose

don henley
homo_boy choosing between what and what...
how can you choose when theres nothing to choose from?
emmi why can't i choose who i fall in love with?

i hate dwayne and his stupid, stupid penis.
ryro I am what I choose - to do - to remember
I am what I attract with my thoughts
I am a recording I play for myself
me jeez. shes the only one i can talk to. the only one i can totally open up to. shes the closest i've ever been to someone. i've told her more than i've ever told anyone else, parents, sisters, other friends, counslers, and girlfriends included. i can tell her everything. and i dont want to throw that away.

its too late now. she says its ok if this whole dating thing doesnt work. we decided to give it a try. but i'm just not sure i could deal with the consquences if i lost her friendship over this stupid experiement.

i wouldnt have a soul to talk to. i never did in the past, but now that i do, i wouldnt be able to live without her. and friends are so forever. and its so easy to fuck everything up when you put it in a relationship.

this is such a mistake.

i love her so much. but i cant do this anymore, i cant stand being this scared of losing her. and i hope its not too late.

i'm holding my breath on you, and won't breathe until i know we're both going to be ok.
me but shes so happy. god, i want to rip my hair out. scream or something. this is too much. shes happy now. and its becuase of me. and i dont want to take that awway from her.

is it greedy to call this off because i dont want to lose her friendship? is that the ultimate form of greed, or something?

i can see a difference in her. in her eyes. she so much brighter, happier. its like something has been lifted from her shoulders.

as for me, its a burden. i dont want to lose this friendship. i'm scared, really bad.

(i've never written how i feel so bluntly before)

i've never been faced with this dilemma before. ever. its awful. god, i wish i just said no from the start.

i cant deal with this. what do i do? someone help. please. random strangers, i dont care. help. god, if you're there, help.
anti stuart smalley? you are a recording you play for yourself?? ummm. what? maybe this is something deeper than i understand, but it sounds Stuart Smalley-esque. 051111
crocheting_heart to be happy

to smile

to love, learn, grow, understand, and to live
what's it to you?
who go