birdmad reading red meat again it's not just awful

it's godawful
god awful awe shucks 030611
thespacebetween awful waffle
dapple aple
ok im done
fairbecca I feel so awful
I'm going to go into your room,
stick out my tounge,
and slam it as hard as I can
in your door.
yes, awful
Syrope i didn't lie to you
i wasn't disappointed then
pSyche !*@&#^$% FUCK YOU!

Sitting quietly on the stairs
And I hear the two of you
In the hallway behind me
She's telling you "no"
And you don't want to let her go
You don't understand
Why she can't be yours
and I understand perfectly
Why you can't be mine

You ask her to the dance
And you don't spare me a second glance
I'm always just the friend
Just the friend

It kills me
To see things fall this way
I always make you smile when you're down
I always make a smile out of her frown
And for everything I do
For all the sacrafices I make for you
I'm just the friend
Just the friend

I wish I could blame you
But I only have myself to blame
For being such a wonderful
For being such a great and dependable

It's days like this, that make me feel awful.
She has a boyfriend.. you don't ask her to the prom. You just don't.
But you did.
And not me.
because i'm just her friend
And i'm just your friend

what's it to you?
who go