whirligirl having failed the expectations 000617
Wil Why find words for such a useless place
But they find us all too well
When reason is nowhere
Feelings are everywhere
Consuming the conscious world
Till time drains it all away
birdmad i generally expect the worst so that i am either:

A) Right on target


B) Pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the situation

anything else breeds disappointment
Splinken i keep on waiting for something to happen in this town. no luck yet.

the shift leader said (with foam on his upper lip from the thing he was drinking, though he didn't notice) that i could leave early tonight.

maybe i will go buy myself something sweet to drink, or search the usual places for the usual people.
silentbob he once told me to tell her that when she smoked pot, it isnt so much that he's MAD at her, as he is disappointed. he said that if she feels she let him down, that might make a difference.
so one day, he found out i didn't tell him about her and some other guy making out AFTER they broke up. and she told me that he wasn't so much mad at me...as he was disappointed.
and i found i didn't really give a shit what his expectations of me were. i didn't care about his disappointment. it would have killed him for me to tell him what they did, and i didn't want to be the one to do that to him.
Splinken he was never angry, he was "disappointed." he was never angry, he was "worried."

so i dumped him.
For sure! what you feel when you didn't hear from someone you were hoping to hear from days ago.... :( 000712
kid a to hell with it all then... im going to my hole in the ground 011002
Norm I'm disappointed in all of you. 011005
squint I got offline to talk to bobby on the phone, got back on to see any new developments, lo and behold: nothing.

I'm ashamed
[.x.] when theoretical friends do not value boundaries and hits on your zshena, than has the audacity to assume you are dim-witted enough to accept as true her irresponsible diversion of oh i didnt realize what ive been doing, if that’s the case than you have been living in an unrealized world for far too long dear

one can not help how they feel
but one can control their actions

[point blank] you fucked up and wont even admit it

take responsibility for your actions and discontinue blaming others for the consequences of your disappointingly selected proceedings
Alvarny If voicing my disappointment will cause remorse or regret, then I rather be silent. My disappointment is mine, not yours.

I know I can never leap far enough to cross the gap between expectations and reality. So I decided to fill up the gap, by dropping in stones one at a time.
when darkness falls disappointed cuz u left, disappointed cuz u didn't say goodbye, hoping that i'd get to see u again, but my hopes were shattered when i saw u with him. and u were happy, not needing anyone else in your life, or anything. and i cried like a little baby but i couldn't help myself. i will get over it but it will take a while before i forget u. life sucks 031007
no reason i hate how you make me feel disappointed in myself

no one else notices or cares, so why should you?

i hate this power over me.
no reason it's our 6-month-whatever today, and you haven't even called. i try to think of things that make up for this forgetfulness and inconsideration, but i'm running out. you better do something soon. i don't know what, but you better do something before i get rightfully mad at you. 040919
no reason surprised i didn't realize that i had ever blathered under this. but i was the last one.
sirflaccid The reason I choose not to believe in love is because I still connect it to you.

Even after all of these things, I think there's a part of me that would still invite you in. I am not for sure whether it is the memory of things that have been. Or maybe it is simply you.

I don't want anyone like you not because they are like you. Rather, I don't want a generic version thereof.

In all of this I miss...... yeah. But you will not be here and it is a masocistic thing to want.

Bitterness is not the road I would choose to travel. But for now it is the safe road. I do not hate you, and I am not as angry as one one think.

Just.......... disappointed.
no reason could i be anymore disappointed in myself? hopefully not. 050905
er thats any more 050905
neesh difficult not to feel a little disappointed, and passed over.

-perfect circle
peyton all over the place 051030
no reason maybe a lot of it has to do with the fact that i never meet people like that 080108
rose anon well, it's not like i was looking forward to seeing you for months and would have rearranged my schedule to see you for an hour of the six days i was here, when all you could do was make lame excuses not to see me.
...oh wait, that's exactly what it's like.
what's it to you?
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