kendera im so deplorable.
and rather dim looking.
nothing cam make me smile.
the light has burnt out.
and there are no candles.
kx21 Why searching for more light?

It would probably make dim even dimmer...

The way is to enjoy every moonshine.
daxle it seems much dimmer now
it seems so dim
kx21 more precisely, every bits and bytes of moonshine. 001219
kx21 If it seems much dimmer now /
it seems so dim then
the way is to enjoy every sunlight.
And more presiely, the bright and brilliant sunlight

If moonshine and sunlight are failed to activate your smiling neurons, blessings from Air, Fire, Water, Dust, ..., bird, Bee,..., friend, particually GOD, and finally from YOURSELF may work.
daxle thru our bleeding, we are one
thru the darkness breaks the light
thru the light unending pain
deify the wretched ones
until the darkness comes again
tourist Wasn't e One of Alec's Droogs? 010111
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