florescent light I went for a drive
the musky moon my companion
searching searching
searching for happiness
none I found
searching searching
everyday -
I don't know what I am searching for
but something I need
something I can't find

I am empty
I am lost
The Truth I know exactly what you are searching for... And we've put it here on blather for you to find. 010829
kerry aw yes, one big happy family... (tear of joy roll's down Kerry's cheek) 011222
ClairE I_want_to_be_found. 011222
Laura I am searching for words to explain that I know the son of G-d. My own personal savior watchin over me and loving me, yet he cannot become a martyr. He is not allowed to die and neither am I. 020123
unhinged at home
i have no one to talk to
words on a screen
have lost their meaning
and eight months later
i'm still thinking of you
and oddly
the thoughts aren't much different
i'm just looking for someone
to replace you
because we are all
for someone
so much unlike you
but yet that feels just like
but so close to the same
but maybe this time
they would actually be
anoneofyourbusinesssignpost Leave me alone 030411
scorpion heart my stomach for a sign of abs 031116
littleidiot tripping, slipping, sinking, spinning,
taken back to the beginning,
i, forsaken, can't awaken;
unsure of your grinning face.
lost, displaced, without a trace
of who i was or dreams i chased,
step naked through
the lines i drew
myriadmoods Searching for my child, searching for my inner-child, searching for God, and things I know nothing about, as searching is long sometimes and never finished, isn't it sometimes sad when the search is over? Many times, I wish I could search forever, because curiousity is in me, and will never die and I don't ever think I will find what I am searching for unless I know what I am looking for.Looking is fun but then sometimes a horrible way to live, depends upon if what you see is good or bad, heaven or hell. peace be with all the searchers' who are forever searching. I hope one day to stop searching for those things that are useless, as myriad are the things I have uselessley searched! 040112
splintered semi-nonexistant puddle at your feet running in wet socks, screaming. my brain in my back pocket. a little squished from the run. running water, down my face. seagulls and the floor moves out from under me. raining and we smell like cigarettes. god, we're bad. and we run like children though we've got no place to go. i bump into a car in the parking lot and laugh. drive off. wasn't me. never happened. i feel high. i feel fuck. 040113
falling_alone searching for the story "the little prince" it was posted somewhere here, i just cant remember where.

or if it's on here in french that'd be nice as well

can you help me with my quest?
Q without 051201
elliot ryburne for myself 110428
unhinged i am tired

of things that dont fit
of not belonging
what's it to you?
who go