nullspace definately my favorite planet 990915
David Damn, I am here, spinning on this lone planet amist vast reaches of space and time and all I can see my shoelaces. I don't notice the wonder of galaxies just out of my grasp. I hate my Keds, I hate alot of things, and I hurl them at a star, and with my release just let go of my woe. I let the preverbial "her" go. She cannot hold me anymore and I an finally free to fly off this planet and persue my true love; creation. 990922
Ka earth is one element, one idea...
all aspects of earth are forming "earth"
ascpects, like trees, earth itself, plants, stones, sand, willpower, castles, gardening, mountains, rainworms, fallen leaves, chalk...
just to name some of the endless list
Wes! is flat 991206
bob is not substantiated 000122
Brad +wind+fire = maurice white's band...inducted into rock n roll hall of fame this year. 000309
jacob Earth is a beautifull little prison 000405
For sure! Earth is the place we all live! Earth is the place we don't all want to live! Earth is the place I must get away from! 000713
Glory Box Is a crystal cage. I for one am absolutely content to watch the pretty colors bounce off of the walls, but some people need to reach for more. They pull Mission Impossible stunts with glass cutters and carefully strung ropes and cables, and they worm their way right out of our gorgeous prison, but what do they find? An empty vacuum, cold and miserable, and they find themselves turning back only to discover that their meddling and their pinholes have allowed the escape of everything hospitable and promising in the fondly remembered cage, and they're left floating in limbo, halfway to Heaven and staring down into Hell. 000719
jeffrey half way to heaven and then down to hell
in the middle earth in the middle shell
see the white caps from spaces that tell
see me break free from the binding spell

no I REFUSE to be from earth or any other arbitrary planet
I will not identify myself by my interplanetary status
as if this earth had earned the right to call me by it's name
Earthling earthling it taunts me in the dark'
spit on me once and rub in some dirt and al of sudden we are family
is that how it works
we want to run
run with th idea of no more room for the masses
no more room for the people in my city
they are in my closet
they wear my clothes and use my glasses
they wear my daughters panties and I kick them out
I put them back on the earth
here is where it all starts
on a ball of mud and water with some crazy gases and elements
some magic forces holding it together telling people to call him gravity
but he is not he is Icarus
Icarus he was also single handedly responsible for the fall of the intelevision and teh commodore 64
when Bill Gates gave birth to his new name that was not Icarus but it was his idea
the idea that the earth is older than I am is absurd if you told me that before I was born I might have believed you, but really I do not believe i was born either'
see I am on to you
your following me
you want my Grandma's cheerio's and banana's
thats all she eats man
will you leave her alone Adam sandler loving bastards
did'nt know he was an earthling too
damn they are everywhere man
and they eat you with their white upper middle class suits and beuracracies
renounce earth and they lose their power over you. Laws are for this place not the next
laws are for the protection of the rich and famous and anyone who wants to be a millionaire
yes that is my final; answer
I am not from earth
filia mostly harmless...but that's only if we keep doing as badly as we are concerning interstellar travel... maybe, maybe we'll find another planet to screw up after we're finished with this one! wouldn't that be lovely. future generations rejoice - we've left you an even worse smoking shell than what our parents left us with. 000907
danielle make your own.. 010206
god where? 010206
sweetheart of the song tra bong (loving lynda barr When Colombus said the world was round, some people thought he meant like a pancake.

Did it hurt the universe when the earth was born so round?
el fagtastico numbero 57 You forgot fag-dude and fag-lady, saba-sister.

Sondra the tiny place from which i stare at the stars and wish i could be one but not so lonley 011007
Casey My prison 011007
deadman when my body knows what my soul already does, someone will set me beneath six feet of it 011007
god never heard of it 020405
Freak Living on Earth is expensive,
but it does include a free trip
around the sun every year
blowncherrysaidshewouldntblather2nite the_earth_is_far_away_from_here 020507
CRO when humans colonize mars, i wanna be one of the first to go there.

I'll fail the physical though :(
Toxic_Kisses ...needs to be saved 020510
Eowithien ... needs help.

Earth: The Planet That I Am Not From

I am from planet lafjds;lfjd
joda *sigh* 030426
pat sajak 7918 miles in diameter 030628
florescent light the feel of your hair
dark blonde, course to the touch
parted in the middle,
till just below the ear lobe
fingers running through smoothing back
strands drenched
in tears
hot lonely
in the flow
of hair of tears
of life of love
lust leading to hate
and you shut me out
just before you shut yourself in
and all I can do is push back your wet hair
and admire the part
Dafremen (Hiya florescent. Long time no see.)

She pulses with a longing to see you free.
blown cherry over 6 billion people and yet tonight I am so


the dude desperate not me lonely not me
it's out there just reach for it
it will set you free
cheesy me
Lemon_Soda the dirt under my feet. 031201
Eowithien Down...

Feeling the damp, cool earth beneath her feet, she lowers herself closer to the ground just to scoop up a bit of that which she came from and remember it as she walked.

Slowly lifting up and away.
Jaca Have you ever felt, or even considered the possibility, that Earth is really all there is?? Maybe Earth is the ultimate expression of life in the Universe. It's all here, and we waste our time looking out into the expanse of space for signs of life. In fact, the expanse of space is only a collective hallucination, there to placate our lofty questions of place and purpose.
But that's just too lonely, isn't it?
Josh-o-Rama Earth sucks.

You know, 'cause of gravity and everything.
dondy the earth is the most wasted place i can imagine to live. 040806
andru235 here it is that i am trapped
with my potent self untapped
thus i am the most futile
one to pass through the turnstile

when i came i thought i could
i came because i thought i should
now i see the fool i am
living my life as though a clam

yes, i do contain a pearl
not to be seen by duke or earl
i save it for a special chum
the representative of plutonium

i love this earth, i truly do
why do you convert it to zoo?
diversity is natures key
why do you seek homogeny?

especially when you hate the homo
just like the bigots that built il'duomo
if the hetero is king
tune this harp to heterogenous strings

genetics foods, are homo-style
we've been eating them for quite a while
when every nation worships money
that sure ain't hetero, honey

what then, are you going to do?
i ask it much to oft of you
for you are not so unlike me
unsure where to find plan B

(though you lack radioactivity;
it really is nothing to envy)
(though we haven't any plan
we have the great one, logical man!)

(if like me you start to doubt
if logic has all that much clout
then let us team it up with emotion
for life here began in a unified ocean)

the pathos, then, can also guide
though logic will not budge aside
a leader who will not resign
will surely only cause malign

so let us celebrate a wedding:
emotion and logic, earth's soft bedding
without the two we can't succeed
a warning science soon must heed
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

If the element of earth be used for contemplation,
It is solid and cannot be penetrated;
Belonging to the worldly it lacks spirituality.

it be used to achieve perfection?
forsaken by a toaster clerbloinkula!! ahahaha!!!! 070707
forsaken by a toaster clerbloinkula!! ahahaha!!!! 070707
forsaken by a toaster clerbloinkula!! ahahaha!!!! 070707
Max mumm 081014
tommorows dreams Earth, just a pile or dirt or is there really something special, water isn't alone for our world anymore, and life being soley occupied on this pile of mud seems to be looking less and less of a reality, what makes us differant from any other planet that may hold life, if there are other hominids out there then would they be looking for other life as well while they think they are the sole survivore in an infinate universe
it seems an uiimpossiblility to some and a reality to others
aliens could walk among us or not people could vanish off the strets, or move across mioles in a single instant sometimes. What we see as reality changes daily, and these laws which governe our universe must have exceptions somewhere, somehow. I know that every rule has its exception, its loophole, and yet these seem to have none availble to our tiny minds.
Is this true and people find exceptions to the laws of physics daily without knowing, or is our reality unfolding, our univers coming to its climax instead of its expansion from its big bang continuing, the fast shrinking beginning to occor, these are my thoughts as they occor and my fears I thank those blatherskites who listen
olive has a big ball of fire in the center of it. how come they don't talk about it? probably because its too scary for people to think about a big ball of fire burning up from the inside.
soon we'll create out own hell on earth if we don't start dealing with our own deamons.
ungreat From the earth you were born, taking nourishment from her. Now to the earth you return, you return, you return.

May your soul and body be at rest, and may tulips find life at your feet.
what's it to you?
who go