Dictionary rule (rool) n.

a. Governing power or its
possession or use; authority.
b. The duration of such power.
a. An authoritative, prescribed
direction for conduct,
especially one of the
regulations governing
procedure in a legislative
body or a regulation observed
by the players in a game,
sport, or contest.
b. The body of regulations
prescribed by the founder of
a religious order for
governing the conduct of its
3. A usual, customary, or
generalized course of action or
behavior: “The rule of life in
the defense bar ordinarily is
to go along and get along
(Scott Turow).
4. A generalized statement that
describes what is true in most
or all cases: In this office,
hard work is the rule, not the
5. Mathematics. A standard method
or procedure for solving a
class of problems.
6. Law.
a. A court order limited in
application to a specific
b. A subordinate regulation
governing a particular matter.
7. See decide.
8. Printing. A thin metal strip of
various widths and designs, used
to print borders or lines, as
between columns.
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