vega There is a chapter in Moby Dick where the whale's penis skin is made into a much coveted coat. And then, in this cassock of honor, some absurd religious ceremony is performed.
Thinking this was an amusing religious commentary, I smiled wickedly to myself and continued to say some god awful prayer.
Then I thought that a pale shriveled up wrinkly covering might actually become a priest, or atleast it would give alter boys an idea of what they were in for.
rose tehehe 000222
birdmad devoutly faithless 000712
Raina practicing faith just like practicing and instrument.
My ears are bleeding.
tourist Being raised a Catholic, schools, mass,rites and ritual, was just the way it was.No choice of mine.I remember Going to Mass as a child looking at my prayer folded fingertips eclipsing the flames of the candles that burned on the altar, daydreaming, wishing it was over.Absorbing Latin by osmosis as it seeped into me with the incense during Benediction.And Art and Architecture as I dreamily gazed with wandering eyes at stained glass and painted vaults above me.
AS time went By I left my home into the World and I did my best to erase formal religion from myself. Looking at all such Beliefs throughout the world for the things that were similar and shared between them. Not the srtict dogma weilded to seperate one path from the other.
The Church (as Catholics would prefer to be called)just doesn't do anything for me anymore.I think I miss the Latin the most. IT gave the whole show an aire of mystery ,time honored awe, now it's in your native tongue, and it just seems trite.
The Thing that it did give me was a sense of True Awe at the vastness that surrounds me, a belief in a hidden truth that underlies the precievable world. Though not exactly Catholosism.
For this I thank them.
onceidid Everybody is religious
or religious about something
But I like to keep that to myself
yummyC yuck 020302
pepperdrinks not religious

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