sage this, but do not fall 981011
[marissa] it falls from above: the attic's ceiling.
the paint folds in peels. white and crisp and coldly sterile. the smell of time and faded wood. overwhelming. we stare at the rafters. close our eyes.
above the snowstorm of petrified latex:
the gutted helmet of the sistine chapel.
OTK Surely there is a word for which you speak
Surely there is a term for what you speak
Surely there is an excuse
Unless you live above that
Surely there is another place to turn your affection
Another place to warm your affections.
Karp I love this place,
it's warm and dry
there's not a cloud
in my sky

As I sit on the grass and watch
flawless silhoettes of you walk by.

Where am I?
You know this place
Past cloud nine
in outer space

a ladder couldn't
reach this height
Apollo couldn't
make this flight

but what I fail to
is why I ever
have to land.
tori is where i will be on the social ladder, as soon as i am dictator.

Diamond higher than any other person, lookin for my own type of world of misfortune, but i now see cuz, i am tall, not short or medium to mess up and fall. i do not think of anything else to get in my way, i am me, a person u have to please. tall is my name and u are my little flea. tall is my personality, tall is my height, i am a person with power so leave or you'll be crushed by my tower. tall is not a game, nor full of fame. i am myself, when all else...fails. tall. 031208
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