jennifer Jolie on how much Mark meant to her: "He was my everything. In the months before he left me, I had sectioned myself off from everyone... everyone. I had let myself sink into this.... this horrible dream, and I concentrated every aspect of my life on him. I gave my heart away, knowing full well that he would never love me back.... at least not the way that I wanted him to.... I don't know.... I was just so fucked up, still am, and I just gave my love and affection away too freely. I understand now that the simple act of giving time, effort, and attention was never and will never be the sole basis of a relationship... and when he died, it was like part of me had died with him. 991209
diskobox don't ever make the mistake of confusing affection with passion. 000814
dump my affection towards others comes from they themselves. The words and actions we use everyday come back to us. Affection is a way of feeling toward another person "Hey, I like your words and actions." 030619
girl_jane His idea of affection was fucking. I didn't want to fuck. So I left. 030619
god good idea 030619
nonlucid why do people need it, to be happy?

need approval?

need love?

feel like many people would be happier if they didn't...

i know i would, if not dependent of the whims of others
flowerbed on a cloud ^^ Oh..this one guy...^^ 051203

but the simple act of giving time, effort, and attention SHOULD be the sole basis of a relationship

i am so tired of people who view others in economic terms, what they can get or hustle out of them. whether the time they invest in that other person is worth what they get out of them.

i can give myself everything else. food, shelter, orgasms, art. all i require from someone else is affection. to care enough to be there and grab my hand when you can tell i need something to hold on to. *sigh*

'men like to feel needed'

but i did need you
just not for what you were used to
unhinged i crave it but i am skittish when i finally get it

it really was the beginning of the end for us when you told me you didn't like being touched. i felt bad/weird hugging you after that and really all i needed from you back then were hugs. it also threw me when i asked you why you didn't like being touched and you brushed off the question with an 'i don't know'

because i am very aware of all the things that have ever happened to me that make me afraid of affection
what's it to you?
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