jennifer I love my mark and I want him to be happy... and I have to realize that the simple act of giving time, attention, effort and love, was never and WILL NEVER be the sole basis of a relationship. I love mark, but I need to let him go, and it is killing me. I am so close to him, on so many different levels, and now that he is gone, I feel a part of me has gone with him 991205
me yay for older brothers :) 000525
moonshine Was it the sarong?
The face paint that didnt belong
Your telephone book purse?
The maze?
The porn room?
The sun rise
The leather jacket, the lie
Maybe it was she, only wearing a purple tie
moonshine Its happened time and time again
Sooner or later
It looses its dramatic gloss
Pictures of us apart
Closely together
andrea dynamite he makes my heart hurt. 001104
sabbie i had this really cool friend at college in the year above. we used to drive to his place all the time. he lived on this big hill outside a small town outside the bigger town we went to school in. his room was pretty small. it had a single bed, a couch, a coffee table with a big old telly on it and his desk. there was only just enough room between the couch and the coffee table for legs. so we’d sit all night and watch karloff films, addams family and original star trek (where kirk gets to snog a different alien girly every show) hanging out the window occasionaly for cigs. his room was cool. it was painted some dark colour, but he never turned on the light or opened the windows in the daylight, so i never knew what colour it was. he had a lamp with a UV light in it, and that was what he used for illumiation. he had spiders and skulls and minaturs and weird shit littered all over his room, and he got almost childlike joy out of all sorts of bizzarre things. i think we spent about a year in his room in the dark, watching old telly and talking. he was so grand. after that year he finished yr 12 it all kinda... stopped. i never knew why.

i saw him once, a few years later. he was standing by a record shop holding his board in one hand and a cig in the other. i tried to talk to him, but we really had nothing to say anymore. the river had been damned by time and by whatever had happened, and there was nothing left. that day was even sadder than when our friendship first broke.
gwyllynne after working in teh service industry of the French Quarter you develope a certain view of tourons and then that view blends into all people and everybody becomes a mark, that is all they are. even me......i am so glad i escaped those clutches....yet oddly i do miss the easy money, the fast money and the actual sense of community amongst the service industry workers, the invisible ones who make everything work.....yeah we are all marks. 001204
gwyllynne yeah and it is late so a few typos do tend to happen, my apologies 001204
syn I knew a guy named Mark...
Dated him twice.
He was 5'3" and 100 pounds.
Funking Umpa Lumpa wanna-be.
He's an asshole.
hedwig.child mark has got his work,
they say mark lives for his work,
and mark's in love with his work,
mark hides in his work.
vampers was a mistake 010325
jincali I was crazy about this guy. Mr M&M!!
He was definately THE best kisser!!!
sad girl one of the coolest strongest most sensitive guys in the whole world.
his nick name was "big mark" because he had a friend named mark. so it was big mark and little mark.
little mark is a jackass and hopefully gone for good.
mark is covered in tattoos. he makes art with blood and semen and dead animals. he makes noise music. he reads strange underground books.
but he is a teddy bear. he takes care of his loved ones. inside big mark lies a big heart.
he is my friend.
he is beautiful.
josie Thrillseeking with my upper hand,
grasping to this breed of mad,

so feisty,

I make the Mark, you meet demands,
It's just like you to sleep with fans.

So tasty,

To hold with all your fated plans,
my lust, my soul, my upper hand..
Mark I 030919
micky jo mark is the white boy with black rim glasses and a million tattoos who changes his all important stance in life every week
he is a slick talker who seduces women out of their pants on city streets
(I watched in awe)
no false promises, he tells you he is scum up front
but he knows how to look at people and what to say to make him win the over
he hates me because i can see thru him now
and wouldn't let him call me girl
when i learned his game from watching
he taught me how to seduce women
and in turn
i know how to read male bullshit
all too well for my age
emmi "it can be real"
neptune sextile venus
Somebody that I used to know I hate my father. 041224
emmi you know my mind has given up on us so many times, my heart never did, and i'm afraid it never will. 050418
flowerbed on a cloud Mark Twain is love ^^ 051203
Blue Eyes My Mark just broke up with me over an instant messenger. "I just need to feel a connection, ANY connection." Except I DID feel one, and I thought I wasn't the only one.

I detest him.

And truth be told, I am pissed at me for allowing myself to get my hopes up yet again.
Isaou Do I want him back? 070809
Isaou I miss him 070918
b Mark Seiler.
My Favorite DJ.
Isaou What a coincidence.
I saw Mark today for the first time in over two years,
I missed the bus so I walked to your house instead and you put me in your car and dropped me off, no questions asked.
flowerbed on a cloud Many years have passed since I have been on blather. And Mark is the one that saved me. 140822
flowerock flowerbed on a cloud! another flower person : ) I have seen your name around and appreciated it, it truly sounds like a wonderful... flowers on a cloud to lay in... 140822
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