xyphoid i found jesus at the bottom of a cracker jack box and christ sitting on the beach (or maybe she found me..) 000615
grendel i found jesus once...

under the sofa cushions next to the remote.

that and about five bucks worth of loose change
daxle I found jesus in my christ chex 010111
silentbob i found jesus in the lost and found box at the bus station. i tried to help him up, but he just wouldn't listen
mumbling something about water into wine and things of that nature
sabbie we had a fight one christmas,
with megans's nativity set.
mary flew around the room
rebounding off heads.
joesph kept hitting the stereo.
the sheep sent tumbling a huge stack of cds,
but the shepards were too busy,
being stuffed down the back of scotts pants
to do anything about their charges.

when we finally calmed down,
megan collected everyone back together,
but in the melee
we had lost jesus.
megan crawled around the living room
on her hands and knees
for ages
till she finally emerged
from under the coffee table
with baby jesus
clutched in her fist.

and we all thought it was hilarious
and laughed till the tears poured down our cheeks,
that a few days before christmas,
megan had found jesus,
under the coffee table.
moonshine Sometimes I m sorry for the things I said and other times I burn with the miserable thoughts of the things I might have projected I wanted but really didn't. I know your out there watching. Forgetting to forgive. 010122
like rain. she said that she wants to be there for me, that she wants to try. that she doesn't want to end it now.

i don't know what the future is hiding up its sleeve to hurtle at me, but, for now, the whispers between her skin and mine as i slip into her arms is enough.

still, the memories frighten me...
JessieLee Saved what? 010626
birdmad the day 011211
Maybe Nat Would Say I want to be saved.
I memorized the light, the tiles, of the floor, so when I left I wouldn't be Detected.
If I could only be so Kind,
to save my own mind.
To let free and flee. from this place. at a heavy pace. Get out of this race.
and then I would be gone. free from the world, only allowed to live in Belgium, and shop in cheap thrift stores, and speak beautiful words, and listen to french ska music as I lie next to a special someone. Someone who would care whether I liked 1% milk, or fat free. Someone who knows I like spearmint toothpaste because it reminds me of him. Someone who knows how I like my eggs, and always wants to kiss me goodnight, in my little bed, In my little room, in little Belgium, all made for the little girl named Nathalie.
Sparticus i have been

now can we be?

yes. holdtalkseehold love
ferret i tried to save my game, but then my computer crashed, 15 hours of work down the drain. 030823
no reason i just crashed my van into jesus! 041120
stork daddy it wasn't his behavior that was so risky, it was the beliefs and attitudes underlying it, that would have, if unchecked, emptied and destroyed him.

but he found something that he couldn't deny was of value. love was his anchor. everything was relative to that. all of his strivings and failings were to love's angular gravity.
what's it to you?
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