mareberry all i knew and all i thought i knew have been reduced to mere memories on a blank page. i watch them disappear slowly, one by one, into the infinite fires before me. my hopes are gone. my life has been burned before my blind eyes, crying out to me, yearning for it to stop. but i can't pull it through the hot, red feeling. the feeling that takes everything out of me and makes me one with the nothingness i see. 990506
valis burn your posters. burn your yearbook. burn your love letters. then light a cigar. 991216
elimeny burn baby burn
so there
sweets bews Burn through me. Consume me. For all that I am is useless. Let your flames reach every part of me and reduce it to ashes. Ashes like from that which I was made from first. Then there will be only you standing in my ashes. And if you should make me apart of you then...then I will be a part of eternity. 000217
gigaphairy watch it burn.
andrea after watching a video about a young girl
who tried to kill herself by fire
I am insanely angry
true, she was acting on adolescent motives
but I wonder how she’d feel to hear I lost
a friend that way by no choice
she didn’t tape her arms & legs together
she didn’t want to die-just live for the Lord
& I’m so deeply disturbed
why couldn’t they have traded places
let the one go who wanted
& kept the one, our sweet girl,
who lived her life so joyfully for the Him
Lord, forgive me for failing you
you put me on this earth,
gave me talents & gifts & the opportunities
to share them with others
& today I did not fulfill that duty

copyright 2000
birdmad the fire with no flame

...burning from the inside out.

my phosphorescent grin shining out of the dark depths.

smiling way down south...
in hell
daxle we don't need no water
let the motherfucker burn
grendel the roof is on fire 000911
.. Oh shit man my clothes are on firehttp://www.artmuseum.net/viola2/media/splash/fire2.gif 000912
daxle 13 red and white stripes flying White for skin and red for dying
Why can't I - walk on through And not feel like - one is in hell
We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
guitar_freak In the dark shadows of the night
A flickering flame
lets off a glow of light
And Red
A glorious sight
It never seems to look the same
Not it shining so bright
tourist During the Viet Nam War,
Budhist Monks would sometimes come
into the cities of the South
and stand before the soldiers there
and dowse thenselves with gasoline
then set themselves on fire
America couldn't understand
they thoght the Budhists crazy
but all the monks were doing there
was showing us what we wanted to see
people burning in the streets
just like we were creating
in the hamlets to the north
in that we all were crazy
hedwig.child trusting desire starting to learn.
walking through fire without a burn.
clinging a shoulder a leap begins.
stinging and older asleep on pins.
well here we go.
Siggi I never cease too burn ,always on the inside I burn soon i will be nothing but ashes blowing away in the cold winter wind 010103
Lindsey He said he would burn the stuffed animal I gave him for Valentine's Day.
And the love letters I wrote him every day during class.
He said he would burnt he ring I gave him if it wouldn't melt on the carpet.

I would set him on fire, but only if it would kill him.
distilled mouse happens happens 011103
nemo come on baby light my fire 011103
tricky i hear something sloshing? 020513
J burn your penis on the electric stove.
whoop the llamas ass wit a belt.
king kai burn...like my fingers after playing a show...burn...like my heart when i wake up next to her...burn like my eyes when i've sat in front of this computer for far too long...burn like everyhting when she's gone 020901
*silent screams Every so often i stubble upon ur ashes, the ashes of whatz left, and what will never go up in flames agian. You are no longer burning inside of me. You've burned yourself right outta my heart. and nothings left! 021206
fall of a sparrow mollis flamma.
it was a pleasure.
ashmanzhou we burn
in perfect grace we do
Dimorph fire is both creation and destruction, but in time, nothing but destruction. 040207
nyeh when life gives you lemons, burn them 040413
birdmad every night the dream's the same 040413
Deomis "It was a pleasure to burn. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed."
-Fahrenheit 451
rage burn my eyes burn my thighs
burning from the inside out
with the fire you ignite inside me

and when the fire goes out, im left with cold emptyness, craving more

another addiction thats killing me
kbear useless burns the eyes 050121
brand burn now, burn when i die.
it seems exactly the same to me.
sirflaccid An unfaithful heart burns worse than unfaithful lips. 050330
unhinged oh mama don't walk away
i'm a goddamn sore loser
i ain't too proud to say
that i'm still thinking bout you
i'm so lonesome without you
and i can't get you out of my mind
oh mama don't leave me alone
my soul shut down so tight
just like a stone cold tomb
ain't it clear
when i'm near you
i'm just dying to hear you
calling my name one more time?
oh so don't pay no mind
to my watering eyes
must be something in the air that i'm breathing
yes and try to ignore
all this blood on the floor
just this heart on my sleeve that's bleeding
oh mama don't walk away
you leave me here areeling
from your words so hard and vain
saying the love that we had
was just selfish and sad
yes but to see you now with him
is just making me mad
oh so kiss him again
just to prove me to that you can
and i will stand here
and burn in my skin
yes i will stand here
and burn in my skin

Nandita Dancing on the tip of the evening moon 090924
Lover_Of_Light He told me, "some burn with greater intensity than others"
He meant me
He didn't lie

I want him to hurt sometimes
I want him to burn as I did
So assured I was love and safe to

Raised up and then ordered away
But with love
Of course
I want it to burn
deb the sting in your eyes
when you have cried them

the flush in your cheeks
as you scrub away
the tears

the aching hole
in your breast
that will never be
quite right
however it tries to heal
what's it to you?
who go