pyro he called me a flamer
i'm a girl

now where is that lighter?
Zeroshin when i think of a flame, i think of a diversity. No one flame is exactly like another. It's very nature is dynamic. Transforming a solid fuel into a gaseous state. also, once thought long ago to be the common element within all things. 010128
ew now thanks to modern physics we know that the common element within all things is my penis. 020912
WiseMeLoN Can coldmeshach flame? 021023
Arthur Allen Gleckler FLAME v. To speak incessantly and/or rabidly on some relatively
uninteresting subject or with a patently ridiculous attitude.
FLAME ON: v. To continue to flame. See RAVE. This punning
reference to Marvel comics' Human Torch has been lost as
recent usage completes the circle: "Flame on" now usually
means "beginning of flame".
Spinner Have you ever stared into a fire when you're stoned? It's amazing how textured the flames are, sometimes smooth and liquid, other times jagged and erratic... life giver, life destroyer, oh to be licked by your flames, it feeds my inner being, you touch my core, you draw it out into the light, i feel cleansed when i'm the subject of your passion. 040827
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