adam the opposite of darker. 990214
adam than an angel's wings 990214
daxle Nothing suspicious about one in your glove compoxment. 990501
jennifer don't ever, EVER, let Steve play with your zippo 991219
guitar_freak AKA: SPARKIE!!! 001013
amy we could go on like this forever. 010527
eh? why is this under go? 011030
unhinged did you think
when you left me
you would return to find me
an addict?
my imagination is too vivid
for my own good
everytime my eyes found a
new place to rest
there was one on the ground
most of them looked broken
but the clear blue one seemed like
it could still strike a flame
i used to believe
that you would come along extraordinary
all the stars falling from the sky
who am i
chock chock chili hand me that lighter, you, and i'll put it all to shame.
calotes lighter color or lighter fluid or lighter as in not as heavy? I've been putting on weight these past few weeks, you know, in anticipation of final exams and whatnot. Though I'm not sure I care as much about anything.

That may not be so true because I still get butterflies in my stomach. that makes you lighter doesn't it? they result from anxiousness that some might call a weight but all that flapping provides a little lift...wakes you up a little.

I'm going to a foreign country this summer. that's the lightest I've ever felt, in a while anyway. 50lbs of belongings but unbound(temporarily) from every other burden I carry. Don't speak the language and I only know one person there!
Dracon a tool used to light my smokes. 030206
novy fox a tool i used to light my smokes until i foolishly quit...i am not a very nice person today...the not smoking is not even an excuse, because i quit two weeks ago...quitters always lose, right? remember "quitters never win, and winners never quit"? so why is there always so much pressure to quit smoking? doesnt that make me a loser? amd why are other smokers always so happy to see one of thier number slip over to the dark side? "woo hoo! another one lost to insist that we not smoke anywhere where another human being may chance to pass! someone else to say that by feeding my own addiction and doing something that i (in some measure)enjoy am violating the rights of others...i am happy about thier defection..." when you see people that run together every day, and one quits, everyone gets sad...they throw you a farewell party, and make you promise to play poker with the same guys every friday and your pregnant wife insists that you can no longer do this they are upset...they blame your wife, and they buy you beer, and next time you see eachother outside of the poker game you joke and wink, and promise that youll have one last hurrah...but ex-smokers, they dont get farewell parties...there have been people that i smoked with every day outside of work...knew thier kids names and everything...never see them anymore...and when you do see one of the old smoking crew, they always get all embarrassed about, dont put it out...i like the smell...yes, of course you can still smoke in my car... i did it for already smells...of course, people like me never really stay quit...we just stop for a while, and then start again. but to all you smokers, dont be so goddam happy go lucky about losing your smoking buddy. at least an "ah, man ill miss seein ya" or something to show that while concerned for your friends health, you are not happy at the prospect of never seeing him again. 030904
delial Lighter is a fabulous band.
Every time I'm in san diego I make an effort to see them.
They're very nice people, as well.
Colonel Sanders Darker
To me it really doesn't,
f going up up pupupupu 060204
what's it to you?
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