lmg exams suck, i have important ones soon and i am stressed 001227
Norm I go to a non semestered school so I have to write 10 exams, its really quite a pleasent experience. I'm in math 30a/30b so when I fail this exam I'll fail the exam on Friday I'll have to repeat it after January, if I pass I procede to 30b. Tommorow will be a nice break I have a physics exam and an english one. I've got an essay to hand in tommorow afternoon; I'm not done.

Does anybody want to write a 750 word essay on one of the themes of "To Kill a Mockingbird" for me by tommorow afternoon?
mcdougall i hate exams. they make everything difficult. 011220
kitty now that i go to art i don't have exams anymore. instead, i usually have to turn in big projects. but they are just as stressful. 011221
kitty oops, too early in the morning. i mean art school! 011221
just_me_again examns - now you know how grandma feels when she can't remember your name 040617
pete over now.. but why, when most people are happy, i'm just empty? 041221
stork daddy got my exams back. an 87, 83, 85 and a 78. and a 74 on my written assignment (which i find slightly disappointing). all in all though, other than a rough multiple choice score in one class, i suppose i'm on my way. i'll have to study harder and suppress my humanity a little better next time. 050107
flexible arghhhhhhhhh!



last two tomorrow...which should be good.

but it isn't. they're both orals! and i just discovered i haven't answered the material that i need to know off by heart in both french and german for tomorrow morning. that's two conflicting accents.

i have approximately 14 hours.

i believe my panic is fully justified.

*sits in the corner and rocks*
minimatronic ahhhhhhh
the motherfucking mocks are over now.
you did good flexible, don't worry.

now for clubbing and piss ups yeah?
u24 went far too smoothly in the beginning. I a paying for that now. 060529
unnecessary correction *am 060529
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