me? i just discovered
blather is not y2k ready.
well, it goes for days after 991231
but it goes to 1000101
and the day before that is 100009 and the day after is 100010
uh, ... thats no go.
i dont want to blathe in non-uary 1910!
deb how i love it when i jump
to conclusions
only to find out
how very wrong i really am
camille my favorite word :o) 000125
Mika I have this funny feeling
that when this assignment
that I am supposedly working on
is due...
that i will look at the blank pages in front of me and well...
god orange oar purple sail 011222
girl_jane The word I most likely use the most. 020209
gelfling gelfling might have made an oops
gelfling might have dropped the towel
what has gelfling revealed?
what will happen now?
will gelflings broken wings be stripped altogether?

gelfling is frightened
gelfling is sorry, so sorry
gelfling did not mean for this to happen
gelfling knows not how to fix
please don't banish gelfling
gelfling so fragile
please forgive gelfling
gelfling did not mean it
Mitch Clark The word I say when I bump into stuff. 020915
tori behind every successful man is a woman. behind her is his wife. oops. 031115
HellBent yeah i sort of figured that 040108
constance briefly spap_oop 040112
skalix damn, sorry 040129
micky jo got so drunk i nearly died
alone on my parents sofa
crying + drinking x alone = mess
rum and coke
I was 16
puked in my sleep
Jake found me
we laughed I guess
the next morning
but I remember
and I haven't
"lost my shit"
misstree oops!
i offended you.
it really wasn't my intent, i mean,
i wasn't trying not to offend, but
it wasn't on purpose, and

i forgot to give a shit.
i usually also forget
to hate it when that happens, and

i forget to apologize
sometimes when people are upset
by my natural state of being, and

sarcasm doesn't come through in typing
when i say that i'll really try hard next time
not to piss anybody off.
knerstie spoorky po. Conjunctivitis, guilt, lip gloss. needed. 040710
ely oops is always the word that comes to mind when you shit your pants 050222
twiz no thats


Em spoo 050304
Alvarny Remember to forgive my mistakes as you forgive your own. 050304
oldephebe Um...Mr Hendrie why cum the crazy monkey grazed upon the mans you know (pause) bing bog palls..you know where he's real private at? and did it hurt? 'cause I'm a cloth and foam construction animated by your imagination and the magic of fiber optics...mphelgmah!

that should have come out as.. Okay?!

Fill Henry - Well..spiffo or cato or bobcat or whatever the hell your name is this week... The man..? You know 'casue he did a bad thing. It's called Charmine. It goes on soft white and fluffy but it tears you a new one as it's being pulled away...Just like the old Boy Gershwin tune. C'mon and just call me Karmen not Elion 'cause he's Castro's pool boy now.

Frodo - Do you mean Kharma?

Fill - Yes.

Frodo - But why cum the man get his privates gnawed by a rabid monky?

Fill - Well I'd have to say that the monkey's external environment, the sudden shift and change and introduction of stimulus therein was not compatible with his primordial primate programming..that is instinct triggered on some deep level that most humans are unaware of they've trigerred.

Frodo - How cum why are your sentences umm..are so stilted and at times woefully ungrammatical and maybe you know...I'm hedging here because of the Hitlerian temper...pointlessly parenthetical...your sentences that..sometimes...and could i have a large corn dog shell?

Fill - Corn dogs and thier shells cause pre-cancerous lesions to form on your colon you freaking anthropomorphic mental patient.

Frodo - How's that flesh postule lodged in the center of your visual cortex working out for you? mmuurpflaggin!!

That should have came out as...I have a slice of fresh cantelope for you. Get well soon.
W.C. She asks innocently, "Is there anything I can do to help?" One of these days I am going to slip up and say what I am thinking. I will say, "Yeah, leave me alone." Because really, the most help would be if she got out of the way and let me think. 070317
ff play a song ..

Holiday - Madonna

fi Love Love

i must sleep now..

wher are you ?

with george?

Morgie told me

come on..

this is the Real World, you said it...

you wanted to set out for it !

i need you.
i always will need you..

life is a mystery, be with me. we all need you sweetheart !

Ding hows chinese kitchen we arev TUYUMUDUMULUMUNUTH 070530
Ding hows chinese kitchen ^ That's not my blathe...... 070604
hellbent like riding along a great bar of soap. i bear to the fence and see 3 dreams starring back at me. for a minute, i turn around only to fall in phroblecoimps thatas A OOP!@ 070627
cube See famous_last_words
fuffle hoops?

hoola hoops?

me no understand?

i don't put bombs under peoples cars, ony crisp boxes and horror books. what's up ?

why are people still killing each other ?

whay don't they just go out, buy a colourful 70's ghetto blaster and have some fun maybe ?
revenge will only cause more pain.

me no understand.
meta meta 091207
a clever disguise Got HAMMERED last night and had sex I can't remember with my baby daddy.

So, that's like my first stupid thing I've done newly single.
what's it to you?
who go