emma i very much like the saying that "one who is not attached to form need not reform." i don't know where it came from. 990407
valis form is a cage for thoughts that almost got away. 991208
formica the most essential tool in building a net community. not just these little boxes that you fill in. but the entire concept. whether it is devoid of form, or extremely structured in form, the whole point is to form something.

shit, i could go on and on.
kx21 Connected, interconnected and interdependent with Void or EMPTY SPACE; AND vice versa. 010108
R. After we'll have explored all functions and interactions of our curent form, God will give us a new one to try. 020315
innerflect THE BURIED statue through the marble gleams,
Praying for freedom, an unwilling guest,
Yet flooding with the light of her strange dreams
The hard stone folded round her uncarved breast.

Founded in granite, wrapped in serpentine,
Light of all life and heart of every storm,
Doth the uncarven image, the Divine,
Deep in the heart of each man, wait for form.
~ Form
By Eva Gore-Booth
Borealis form and shape and colour
all illusion

answers to a dream

still just a dream
puredream Your form...

you change your memories to hide from it.
you don't blink to blur life. to hide from it's truth.
you accept pain to hide from the truth of freedom.
You don't feel so that the truth can't hurt you.
acidshank o and his skinny form. long and slender. strong and what i want 041123
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

Form which from thought crystallizes
Is, too difficult to look through.

perfection be achieved Through this impenetrable form?
mp21 Hall effect with phonons 051227
what's it to you?
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