lovers lament you've kept me here so long
almost five years gone
and who am i to see a change?
who am i to be so brave?
just the bitter charade
of five years gone
(more of this in-work poem tomorrow perhaps) for now
12/11/00 copyr. 2000
myplasticmind let me out of this,
i need to get out,
i need to feel again, i need to breathe again
i need to get out
stars4hcat where they keep me
don't raise up
keep small
buried in papers
and obtuse
girl_jane I put myself in it... 040221
pete i feel that i have just entered my own cage, fearing that the lock will come back down silencing me in an open air prison. i am unable to scream or react, caught between fight and flight. lost without wisdom and light. here in this light, in the night of the day. home again. how i want to be away, though I got here little more than an hour ago. it is my posion. my lifeblood. all in one. 'home...' 040409
Borealis 040413
Definition The "Cavity" for "Mouse" 040804
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