amy it's all just. But nothing- that's just it. 980905
luap the right thing, the just thing
is the just thing always right?
just do the right thing
adam me, nothing special, nothing to get excited about, it's just me, something to hurt. something to leave. 990218
ceorl barely, clinging by toenails, paper thin, nearly not, whispered memory, imagined. 990418
bfnh is a bull hish conceptstrung together by the weak who aren't getting their "just desserts." fuck just, i like only better. 990628
s nothing more 990701
liam you do it to yourself you do, and thats what really hurts 990701
tommy i just dont really have anything to say 991108
marjorie just pretend like you know what i'm talking about... 991221
camille not important 000104
Brad two meanings, very different 000309
camille because 000309
frippy Another adverb that sounds like it means something but doesn't. "This is just so good, you know?"

Another word off your 1000 word requirement.
valis you know, this used to mean 'fair'.

but we want more than that these days, don't we? now it's more like 'only' ...
stipey j never is.
j wait until i ... j you know you won't ever.
marjorie the just shall live by faith 001104
Sintina is it just me or is today going to be another long boring day where we get absolutely nothing accomplished?

And my co-worker blandly responded: "Yeah," looking at me over the phone that seemed glued to her ear.

"Okay, I just wanted to know if it was just me."
"Nope," she answered, hanging up.
elana alone
just me
only me
same thing
fuck the world
Chrity go to:
keeper just now im thinking whether or not it would be wise to tell you that i want you

i think i wont
Sol just freinds, just a laugh, just mucking around, just hoping to.., just about ot , just did. 010419
Z when do people have the time to do work? Is it just that they're more focused then the rest of us or are they what's normal and everybody else is stupid? Yeah....Maybe(?) 010505
katie if i had only[just]only told her before

the storms of the torrential metaphor crashed over like waves at the shore of the relentless crash of the neverending always forceful crashing of the waves. like the time we learned that

he is a fair[just]fair species
amy the storm of justice flips over onto the quiet, quiet, all-everything, nothingness. 010527
DannyH Just let it go. it is, only as it is. Feel the earth beneath your feet.
"No communist, but a revolutionary? Why not?"
We are facing each other, raging at mirrors, building a card house.
You are spinning
Relax and concentrate
The revelation comes
From your oldest friend.
The one you left behind
Shames you with forgiveness.
Skull Is this just? To let this man go?
Look at what he has done! This man is a sinner and should die. Crucify him! Crucify him!

Crucify me. I will take it all.
)-( give us barabbas! 011017
ellen cherry charles in Just
When the world is puddlewonderful

ee cummings
Laura I am just writing this to find myself. 020204
phil jsut 020204
black joker ~Just to let you know~
I need to show you how I feel
I need you to know
For so long Ive held it within
Put on a painted smile
To hide my frown
I bottled the pain inside
Alone Ive cried
Too afraid to let you know
What Ive hid behind shades
On the windows of my soul
So much to describe
Words could never say
The things of my soul
The feelings of my heart
melissah i just now realized this is real
you are gone
you wont come back
and you took my heart with you.
filzkugel just is not just smething i say, it's just not important enough to be more that just just. do you get what i'm saying? or are you just sitting there, just waiting for something, anything to happen? 021102
phil variant of jsut 021220
grlfixer "just stumble and fall into a world that is overcrowded and you will find me wont recognize me i wont recognize myself..." 030128
niska i want to equate this with fairness.
but i can see how it is 'only'
if something is 'only', it's fairly simple.

and justice, i believe is the fairest option, due to the simplicity of the common good for both parties.

though if you're in the chair - that's just your own fault. there's not much good in it for you either. perhaps there's a god and you'll get to meet him. looking in the face of death at least allows you to see what you looked like to someone human once.

benneton knows not justice.
benneton is 'just wrong'

just. trust. me.
CESAR I just don't understand this site. But as most things in life worth the while one can not ask for a reasoned justification 030620
god it's a bunch of nonsense to me. it's what you make of it 030620
maggie everything you are. nothing you cant be. 031030
lou_la_belle Just around the corner,
somethings just about to occur.
It's always just a minute,
just gimmie a second!
Just wait, you'll see, we always say, Just give it a bit, don't worry.
It's always just a step away,
oh it's just tommorow,
just an inch to far,
just too much to do,
just leave me alone!
What a lazy, self-absorbed word...
ethereal If all were just the way they were supposed to be...

If all things were just...
hsgatincamail do it 040503
czmember oh, i wish people would b just. 040720
quote nothing is ever "just", I tend to use the word "just", or "only", to disguise something which is truly much more - especially when asked about something that I don't think someone will understand or something the I don't want someone to know about. In the same way I believe many things which seem so unexplainable are merely hidden behind the way we use the word "just" and the way in which we tend to ignore or look-over things described in this manner. 050302
me...help?..anyone here? um...just 050303
oldephebe just stop it already -
yeah YOU there
you of the siesmically unstable temper,
you of the facile and fraudulent representations
just stop it
"well i have to berate you, i have belittle you because you misconstrue my statements to you..."
so let's look at THAT for a second
the basis of you verbally abusive and professionally and personally offensive, hostile dictatorial..is well simply to clarify your position?
No!!! It is simply to hide what has already been revealed. It is a psychological tactic to unhinge someone from thier argument, to deflect, to weaken to confuse, to disorient that's it. A tactic designed to conceal what is already revealed.
You can't go back and justify your initial spume of hostility with what seems to be a hastiliy constructed syllogism after the fact. If that was your intent, then what stopped you saying that in the first place?

cognitive dissonance
god it is so tedious trying to assail the ramparts of the narcissistic, sadistic control freak reflexive argument. for they are so invested in being right, in recreating reality in thier distorted terms that they will argue a point endlessly no matter how absurd it sounds...and bolster it with this hysterical screaming and borderline psychotic rage

kim you do it to yourself. 050309
who? ...do it ~Nike 050309
olileauk blather! 051218
x twisted x "It took a while to understand....the beauty of just letting go."
-Dixie chicks
violet strangt "i'm just i'm just..."

the beginning to the most pathetic excuses in history.
jio jio 100215
flowerock. One_of_those_days

As they say...
what's it to you?
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