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klarchen The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.

Fine then, oh fine, I will remain occupied.

ladybird sssh of course you have time to relax, wherever you are. Close your eyes and breathe. Listen to your breath, your heartbeat. Feel what it is like to be you. Smile. 010513
TalviFatin someone's on crack...

But anyway...

Relaxation doesnt exist in my life.
Inanna Relax
paddy whack
take aim a bone
somebody needs to get stoned
Toxic_Kisses What I would be doing right now if I did't know that he's comeing back 011218
ClairE ... dude, he always tells me.

And laughs in the same way.

He knows I can't take his advice.
elimeny its just a feeling
just one more goddamn emotion
it means nothing, jessica
it all means nothing
just walk away
and take a deep breath
and stop overanalyzing things
and stop thinking
and stop feeling
and at some point in time,
stop breathing.

until you relax yourself into an apathetic oblivion
where there is no hurt
others do it, why cant you?
MaybeBaby relax?
so far away from bliss..
how can you stop your mind from the constant nagging thoughts that drag you away from that place so foreign to me where all you feel is relaxed?
the game Frankie said relax.
Where the hell is Frankie now?
bloody trail someone told me to chill once, relax...that so totally pissed me off 030828
stork daddy all of the events and characters portrayed in my life are actually fictional. just a book on god's required reading list. 040221
white_wave i have trouble relaxing as I am always on the go. that's why on a certain occasion, getting stoned felt so strange to me. my body was trying to resist relaxing, but it couldn't. 040221
relax relax and play your shit 041230
stork daddy i think hot things. i think hot things. i think hot things. i think hot things. 050308
andru235 you can't relax
unless you were lax to begin with
5and wispy dreamland hidden in the curls, flowing inside and out in perfect harmony 070727
ANGRY it's easy to relax when your fucked up, i mean like you need anyone to help you, prison is shit i tell you, wouldn't wish it upon anyone, who needs friends anyway they are all disapointing, extemely boring and just plane stupid. 070727
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