amy mock, that is. 000122
typhoid i see these little anarchy as dacing into eternal oblivion. i dont know what to say or how. the keys seem so square and sticky now. i cant even remember the patterns right. helllo, good night. 000417
Spete (bewareoblivionisathand)


Turok II.
grendel "i think i've
reached that point
where giving up
and going on
are both
the same dead end to me
are both
the same old song"

excerpt, 1992, smith, bamonte, tolhurst, thompson

cure, wish
startfires oblivion indeed. i can't wait, it has been a long hard week. 010526
. good night,
I hope you don't sleep at all.
you stupid boy.
birdmad tired, disguised oblivion 010527
who? i am oblivious to the obvious
tell me where
this drink this dine
this deep slow wine
eyes open
and all else closed
a fevered pitch and a small implosion
shattered dance skattered
litter the highways
fast lane stop ahead yield
yeah its third eye blind I wanna get myself back in again.
The soft dive of oblivion.
I wanna taste the salt of your skin.
The soft dive of oblivion.
ClairE Sounds like a new perfume,

or a dove.

A dirty one.

Oblivion is a place.
god approaching_oblivion 011222
reitoei step outside you life a moment. look. over there. see that point. that's where you're going. thats what youll be in 100 years. thats who you are. see it? of course not. thats oblivion. nothing. forgotten. not so much as a footmark in the book of life. its sucking you in. can you feel it? its fading you? you're fading to oblivion. 020216
Random Dan Oblivion probably isn't all its cracked up to be. Probably not worth the effort. 020421
Tildan far away incarnate

scraping the sky with all my tools.

But it never makes a differnce.
*nat* i really like tat word 020820
~gez~ anyone noticing a pattern here? i cant stay away, everywhere she is a must be with her. its an obsession that will drive me into oblivion 020820
Destination? passage into your soul, we walk, talk, breath what is never there. Crashing onto our thoughts and settling into this image of metal upon virgin skin, you are my oblivion 020916
megan falling...

in love perhaps....
riffraff to franknfurther (freakizh) "say goodbye to all of this.. and hello, to oblivion" 021217
ultraviolence24 heaven is oblivion 030923
Lemon_Soda We are incapable of percieving oblivion because we gave it a name. 030924
endless my favourite word. i decided. 031211
Doar obviously, you have become like oblivion, a state of grey eternity.

i would ask for a postcard but it would be pointless.
mourninglight into mock oblivion? 040902
fritz The subway tunnels were dark, only lit by tiny orange specks at intervals like stars. But others were truly dark; dark enough to make a person sure of the meaning of the word blind. And utterly still. So still and so pitch dark that your mind would play tricks on you, make you hear sounds and see visions because you’ve never been without sound or sight before. Because the mind is unable to cope with oblivion.

But oblivion was respite.

He lay on the bitter cold metal and cement, seeing nothing, hearing nothing, feeling nothing.
LadyDeath900 Whilst I sleep, my dreams fly into oblivion, and I forget them all together. Sometimes, I remember them, but when I stay up all night, and don't get any sleep I forget my dreams.
Oblivion is not where I want to go when I die, I want to be known and I certainly don't want to be forgotten...
When we die, where do we go? Heaven, Hell, Oblivion? Does Heaven even exist, or is it just an existing place only in the human mind that people run to for comfort.
Mystery egendered religion, a knowledge of the existence of something that we can't see, hear, or touch, only pray to, brings hope and comfort to some, but to others, like myself, don't believe. . . How can we believe? Where the freak is our proof?!
Why are we the ruling species on our planet? What has helped us along? Religion, I believe. Without Science, Religion is blind. Religion is blind, because Science rules!!! So, I'm not totally against Religion, without Religion we wouldn't be anywhere, we would be mindless drones with no peace. . . I just wonder where I'll be when I die. :)
blown cherry drinking yourself into

unhinged to_chris 060706
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. One way please. 061108
siann that peaceful respite from all of life's horridness
escaping like indianna jones away from the pain and sorrow
the only link between now and insanity
reached only in sleep
when it's missed
something only found
when you'll never find it
what's it to you?
who go