silentbob if my complete peacefulness and relaxation coupled with passion and excitement when i'm around her were some kind of a song, it would be the most happiest love song ever performed, would be peaceful and loud and just the right speed.

lovers lament in the afternoon. like sunset on a lolling day. sometimes false, but always sweet. false or true don't go away.

don't leave me this way
leave me this way
me this way
this way

birdmad those special moments before the hand of fate reaches in to fuck_shit_up 010107
Sintina is sitting by a brook in the words while my German Shepard runs happily and freely in amongst the trees for the first time in so long because we have to keep her in a pen.
is praying out loud to the sky lying in a field of tall grass and knowing
someone hears you.
mmm the most peaceful place i know of is in her arms. just a few minute holding her and all the troubles of my day are gone 010402
elisabeth watching that sunset go down. feeling the anger and pain leave my body for that moment. 010411
sykoze when i look at plastic bags dancing with dead leaves in a dust devil (a little vortex, not the vacuum cleaner) with a camcord....wait.....never mind
Casey I have yet to find my place of peace. I yet have no solitude in this universe 010902
ya_ya_friday a sliver make you weaker, expecting it daily, by chance you'll get it maybe, just like a disease. 011206
me it is 020227
liv underminded unity lost in choas of thought ideal 050203
Piso Mojado thank you to the boy above me playing simon/grarfunkel's "america" on his stereo 050204
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