daxle I can't catch up 990707
megan yellows and pinks and purples and blues all merging in together as the sun slowly sinks down to the horizon

lovely to watch with someone special
jennifer my spirit slowly glides under the surface of calm 991215
valis every once in awhile nature will sit you down and calmly tell you to shut the fuck up 991218
MollyGoLightly sunsets are okay by me. its the sunrises that i always have problems with. 000711
fran When the Santa Anna winds are blowing at sunset, the first person you meet on the far side of the pier is the one you are destined to be with. 001216
phil I was born traveling towards the sun, destined to never see it set. 010424
forever the most beutiful thing in the world. it lets us relax and takes away the pain for a while. 010613
Alexander Beetle Riding in the back of the station wagon across a dam, look out the window towards the sunset, and see the last of the sky draining like azure lava to some point behind the sun. I'll always wonder if some kid in China or wherever looked up in time to see it arrive. 010629
Casey A symbol for me...a way of hope in a way. Usually every sunset I'll walk outside and reflect on how my day went, usually it's bretty crappy...but I still try my hardest to say to myself it will get better 010630
Toxic_Kisses Tapestry weaves in the sky
clouds lace pink sunset
as twilight deepens.
reitoei few things can match the beauty of a sunset. rich red gradients, vivid orange turning slowly to deep blue and purple, a royal carpet for the darkness. nature takes the sickening smog and dust from the mine and transforms it to brillant artwork, unmatched by an mere human artist. its simple art: wind dust and sun but it is infinite in its chaotic complexity.

the sunset of man shall not be so glorious.
ClairE I want to be married under lace. 011227
jessicafletcher sunset orange is the color of freedom. it is the color of my soon to be truck that will take me away from here. i am to be 18 this month, and i will have my truck finally. there is a sunset with palm trees painted on the back inside the letters that spell out looks like someone accidentally backed over florida and sprayed it's orange evil palmy blood everywhere. wonderful. i have florida's murder weapon 020707
Shane Just until sundown, just one more day - that I could hold you, without you pushing me away 030206
Vicki My realease...ahhhhhhhhhh the day is done...EXHALE. 030401
DevilsLyric I always miss it.
My neighborhood is not the best place to see it anyway. When I do though in a quiet serene place I get a moment of peace before dark. I could die at one and not even care I would die happy at a sunset.
queen of darkness i'm lucky
my bedroom window is huge, and it points southwards, so i can see the sunrise and the sunset...
sunset is when the world seems to go don't realise that until you listen for it.
it's when the element of darkness begins...
and the night comes to play
brain stew i miss you the most when the day is breathing itself into night, when the sky is romanced into tender pink and the birds are going home...there is a quiet wonder at sunset i wish you could feel. 040127
jenny enny dots is why I must live near the seashore.

was like neon cotton candy painted by god/gods/goddesses.

is actually prettiest during Santa Ana winds or before a rainstorm.

are most lovely in fall.
sisyphus a sunset is a place where
we can all agree to stop
for an instant, dripping
with halfsaid halfheard
witherings and cracked
plastic bottles filled
with what might have been
a child's favorite drink
or maybe a mother's
it hardly matters its
all rotten now anyways,
and inhale deeply the
end the finish the growing
disunity of stars.
what's it to you?
who go