sphinxradio they say that still waters run deep.
i always trust the surface image, because i am naive.
sometimes, though, i turn into a cynic and don't trust anyone.
and i'd like to remind you now, please, never_give_out_your_password_or_credit_card_number.
it's not a good idea.
ClairE I always see minds racing.
Surface is constructed to me.

Maybe that is why one could say I think too much.

I don't understand how one could put a cap on it.
cube One definition of manifestation is "A public demonstration of power and purpose".

There are manifestations of a person's character so obvious that you will be able to judge the quality (power and purpose) of everybody you meet
hoodrat on the surface, I am calm, collected knowledgeable, and witty.

but on the inside...
Syrope i feel like i've fallen
like, not a trip and crash where everyone laughs
but like, down flights of stairs...
when your body makes that horrible
trashbag-of-soup-falling-from-a-high-altitude noise...
when no one can laugh yet, they just all have sucked in their breath and forgotten to exhale while they wait to see if you move or if you're dead
and i keep waiting for everyone to sigh with relief, and for their eyebrows to relax
i mean, i'm moving
but they are all still staring
with that look of horror
and not breathing
like maybe i've got blood streaming down my face and i just don't realize it
or that i might still be dead
it's an unnerving stare...

and that look haunts me
so that every time i insist i'm fine, i believe it less and less
z beneath and under in ripple fields of algae slicks and trailing fronds do pull and coax of fresh life's riches all sunlit dapple and lilly rose of under current in last light now and continues while silence runs with lowered ear and dew stream sprinkle like last sigh birdsong in night's lowered cover and stops 050406
unhinged thin veneer

my heart is going through a period of emotional backlash that is becoming hard to cover. like i can only allow myself so much happiness before my heart starts to shrink in retaliation.
In_Bloom Coming up for air and looking around to see what's happened while having enjoyed the intoxicating lull and pull below 090725
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